The Clearwater’s Captain, Annika Savio, says the following items are needed to get the sloop in shape over the winter and assure a safe sailing season in the spring.  Anyone able to contribute can contact the captain at

  •  Fenders (at least 20 inches in diameter). “We used to strictly use old tires as fenders for the boat, but some of our current docks have pointy corners, against which the tires are much less effective than fenders meant for that purpose.”
  • Handheld VHF radio and charger.  “Ours works fine right now, but we’ll need a new one soon.”
  • Metal cabinet, with shelves and doors (preferably lockable).  “We could use shelves that are about 7’ high, 4’ wide x 3’ deep.”
  • Fastener storage system. “We need a set of divided drawers in which we can store, and more importantly organize, a large variety of fasteners, from quarter-inch-long machine screws to ten-inch lag bolts.”