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Clearwater’s Earth Day History

On the first Earth Day, April 22nd, 1970 Pete Seeger sailed the one year old sloop Clearwater to Washington D.C. with messages of support for the Clean Water Act. Now, over 50 years later, the need to protect our air and our water are as important as they were then.

Earth Day 2023

Our team is excited to participate in community Earth Day events this year! Be sure to follow us on social media to see us at: The Clean Water Act Symposium in Newburgh, NY, Waryas Park in Poughkeepsie, Green Ossining’s 13th Annual Earth Day Festival, and, of course, aboard the Sloop!

Be on the look out for posts tagged #clearwaterearthday.

Celebrate Earth Day With Clearwater!



Clearwater’s Clean Water Act Symposium

Learn more & register here:

Join us for the first day of the season

Event info can be found here:

First sail of the season

For more information and to purchase tickets, click here:

Celebrate Earth Day with Clearwater at Waryas Park

More event information here:

Green Ossining’s 13th Annual Earth Day Festival

Visit the Green Ossining’s website here: 

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