Clearwater works to protect the ecology of the Hudson River and the well-being of all the people living in its watershed – by ensuring that PCBs are cleaned up from the Hudson River, by working to close down the aging and leaking nuclear power plant at Indian Point, and by supporting the development of renewable energy sources that are non-polluting.

Our objective is a Hudson River ecosystem free of harmful pollutants, with ample habitat to sustain the reproductive integrity, health and well-being of life at all trophic levels—including human.

We are active in many large scale local problems, such as

and we have been influential in some important victories, such as 

Public awareness is one of our primary strategies – an educated, concerned citizenry is a powerful force for change. A number of state and federal laws create the statutory framework in which we all operate, but too often the laws prove ineffectual or the agencies implementing the laws become vulnerable to political pressure. Guided by a set of core environmental values, Clearwater works cooperatively with concerned citizens, elected officials, and state and federal regulatory agencies to find alternative solutions. As a last resort, we will litigate to protect the environment.

We are also active with Environmental Justice issues, addressing the need to prevent the disproportionate impacts of pollution that are all too often borne by communities of color and residents of economically disadvantaged areas.

Clearwater’s Climate Justice work, as a form of Environmental Justice, involves the fair treatment of all people and freedom from discrimination with the creation of policies and projects that address climate change and the systems that create climate change and perpetuate discrimination.

Clearwater’s environmental action programs have gained a wide reputation in the Hudson Valley for effective science-based strategies in the public interest. From original research on large-scale issues, to support of small grassroots community groups, we employ a range of innovative and traditional citizen advocacy techniques designed to restore and protect the quality of the Hudson River watershed.



With increasing strain on water resources, it’s important to know your water footprint and how you can reduce it. GRACE’s Water Footprint Calculator accounts for the water you use from the tap as well as the water associated with the food you eat, the energy you use and the things you buy. On the Water Footprint Calculator website, you’ll find over 100 tips to help you save water.

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