Clearwater Digital Learning Library

Are you an inquisitive explorer of estuaries? Or an educator looking for lessons from the Hudson River?

The digital experiences and activities below are a wonderful place to start connecting with stories from the Hudson River and the iconic Sloop Clearwater. Check out our mini-lessons from the river, comical crew videos, and self guided activities below!

Estuary Education Shorts (Approx 1-5 min)

What is a Watershed?

Join Eli for brookside discussion of watersheds and the area of land that makes up the Hudson River’s watershed.

Meet the Blue Crab

Fredi introduces us to a blue crab and shares some of the things that make them unique.

Can I Eat the Fish?

A largemouth bass shares some words about whether it is safe to eat fish from the Hudson River.

Mechanical Advantage Onboard

Liam and Austin get into the physics of how pulleys help us do the heavy lifting onboard the Sloop Clearwater.

It Began at Storm King

Eli pays a visit to Storm King, and highlights how the mountain is connected to the story of environmental advocacy on the Hudson River.

A Sturgeon Minute

It’s time to talk sturgeon with Tim and his plush pal. Just what makes these fish so special any way?

The Amazing American Eel

Eli spends a couple minutes introducing us to the lifecycle and adaptations of the amazing American Eel.

An Apex Predator: The Striped Bass

Alasdair shares some fun facts about one of the Hudson’s top predators, the Striped Bass.

You Otter See This

Channeling her inner otter, Amy delivers the facts and plunges into the chilly Hudson River.

Fun on the River (Approx 1-5 min)

Tour the Sloop

Join the crew for a jovial tour of the sloop, both above and below decks.

Bracelet Making with Marilia

Join Marilia onboard the sloop to learn how to make your very own nautical bracelet.

Sounds of the Sloop

Is this ASMR onboard? Enjoy the audio ambiance of your surroundings onboard the Sloop Clearwater.

Beware the Banjo!

It’s winter maintenance time onboard the Sloop Clearwater, and there’s no escaping Dylan the banjo player.

Pass the Tool Onboard

Engineer Mary’s wrench is missing. Join the crew as they pass tools through various parts of the sloop to return them to their rightful place.

Clearwater’s Sailing Classroom

A glimpse at Clearwater’s award winning sailing classroom program, filmed in 2018.

Self Guided Hudson River Activities

Clearwater’s Key to Common Fishes

Use this Dichotomous key to identify Hudson River fish! And don’t miss the fish ID game and fish parts quiz game!

Panoramble Tour of the Sloop Clearwater

It’s like Google Street View on the sloop! Explore the sloop on your own and see what you discover along the way. Some things to find: juggling balls, a duck, 5 stained glass windows, a compass, the word “Life,” and a set of wrenches.

Teaching Resources from DEC

The NY Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) and Hudson River Estuary Program maintains a fantastic collection of Hudson River teaching resources and lessons.

More on YouTube

Check out our YouTube channel and social media pages for more great lessons and stories from the Sloop Clearwater and Hudson River

In-Person Clearwater Programs and Live Virtual Field Trips

Clearwater offers many opportunities to connect with our educators in real-time, whether in person or virtually. Visit our website for more information about our Clearwater Connects virtual field trip programs, and our Sailing Classroom, Tideline, and In-school programs. For a directory of our education staff, click here.

We hope to see you out on the river sometime soon!