Clearwater’s YouTube Channel

Clearwater’s YouTube channel is a collection of videos designed to educate and entertain. We have a variety playlists on different subjects:

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Upload Your Own Videos

We’d love to share your Clearwater memories with the rest of the Clearwater Community. Some things you might want to share include:

  • Share your own musical performances
    • Virtual sing-alongs – We’ll post your video and encourage others to sing along and upload recordings. We’ll combine them until a giant chorus of Clearwater community members are singing your song.
  • Tell us about your neighborhood or other community.
    • How is the covid-19 pandemic affecting you?
    • How are you helping others?
    • What kinds of help do you need?
    • What are you proud of?
  • Share your memories of sailing on the Clearwater, attending the Great Hudson River Revival, or working with Clearwater Environmental Action.

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Online Concerts and Performances

Tom Chapin

  • Mornings with Papa Tom Chapin – Tom plays his award-winning kids songs live from the living room. Tom’s daughters The Chapin Sisters will be joining him to make it a sing-along. They’ll be chatting with viewers and might even take your song request!

Arlo Guthrie

  • Arlo Guthrie’s appeal for support for Clearwater:

Kyle Tigges

Sloop Clubs

Don’t Forget to Check Out Sloop Clubs!

Clearwater Sloop Clubs are a vital part of our connection to communities. Visit our Sloop Club page to see which one is closest or most appealing to you, and to see what they’re up to.

Other Non-Profit Organizations Worth Checking Out

  • WhyHunger – The organization founded by Harry Chapin to feed the hungry
  • The Guthrie Center – dedicated to all those around the world who believe that there is one truth and infinite ways to approach it. “As the world becomes smaller we must find ways to embrace the spiritual journeys of those whose traditions are different, without abandoning our own.”
  • The Hudson River Maritime Museum – Clearwater shares a home port, and, more importantly, a community of skilled boatbuilders, volunteers and common goals with the Museum. They even have a whole exhibit devoted to Clearwater, within their broader Rescuing the River exhibit.