We are currently hiring for the 2022/2023 winter maintenance season (November, 2022 – March, 2023).

All crew will be required to follow COVID-19 health and safety guidelines as set by the CDC and USCG. Vaccination for COVID-19 is required.

To apply for a position, review the descriptions below and send your resume and letter of interest to: Clearwater Captains at crewapps@clearwater.org with a subject line naming the position you are applying for.

Applicants must enjoy working with people of all ages and backgrounds and be able to maintain a work environment that challenges gender stereotypes and is LGBTQ+ affirming. Applicants also must have experience working in, sensitivity to, and appreciation for ethnically diverse viewpoints and different communication styles.

Room and board are provided for all winter maintenance crew positions.


Winter Maintenance Coordinator

Under the direction of the Captain, the Winter Maintenance Coordinator will:

  • Manage the winter bosun and oversee maintenance projects
  • Work with the captain to assist with larger scale maintenance projects
  • Work with shipwrights to maintain a work schedule and support them as needed
  • Manage winter maintenance trainees and foster their learning
  • Create a comprehensive work list and manage time to complete as much as possible
  • Assist in carpentry and rigging projects with the bosun 
  • Schedule volunteer days and ensure they are used with maximum efficiency

Winter Engineer

Under the direction of the Captain, the Engineer is responsible for the care and maintenance of the vessel’s mechanical and electrical systems. This includes: 

  • Winterizing and de-winterizing the main engine, the on-deck engine and fire pump system, the fresh water system, the bilge pumping system, the refrigerator system, and electrical systems. 
  • Assessing the realignment of the main engine
  • Installing and maintaining the diesel winter furnace
  • Checking and maintaining bubblers
  • Checking and repairing the vessel’s safety and emergency gear.
  • Maintaining and organizing engineering tools and equipment, keeping the engine room and engineering space in the shop properly stowed 
  • Maintaining engine room logs and reporting inventory needs of the upcoming season to the Captain. 
  • Turning over a season’s end report. 

Winter Bosun

Under the direction of the Winter Maintenance Coordinator and Captain, the Bosun is responsible for regularly scheduled winter maintenance projects as well as projects specific to each winter. These include:

  • Implementing and supervising maintenance projects such as servicing blocks, sanding, painting, varnishing, and inspecting lines and rigging
  • Maintaining tools and equipment, organizing boat parts
  • Managing emptying of the bosun’s locker in the winter and properly re-stowing in the spring
  • Researching and ordering new pieces of rigging equipment
  • Maintaining list of supplies and equipment needed for the winter and sailing seasons
  • Turning over a season’s end report

Winter Trainee

Under the direction of the Captain and the Winter Maintenance Coordinator trainees will assist in winter maintenance projects of this traditionally-rigged wooden sailing vessel. This is an entry-level, learning position. Ideal candidates are willing to learn and ask questions, do physical labor, and focus on the task at hand.