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Clearwater is the region’s last remaining Hudson River Sloop and only native historic tall ship left sailing these waters. An award winning platform of STEM education that ignites and inspires the next generation of scientists, organizers, and shipwrights. Clearwater convenes lifelong learners of all ages to make the world a greener, cleaner, safer place.

The support you lend today will have a direct and lasting impact on generations of children in your communities.

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From advocacy education for grassroots groups to award winning, place based environmental programs for local youth, Clearwater empowers Hudson Valley communities.

An organization whose cause is relevant to every generation, Clearwater meets the needs of every Hudson River community and we need your help to sustain this environmental institution for years to come.

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The Sloop provides a unique experience for all people – a chance to deepen their knowledge of our rivers and waterways. For decades, Clearwater has been using grassroots and legal tools to advocate for improvements in water quality, through green infrastructure and watershed protection projects, congressional briefings, legislative and budget advocacy, sails, and forums.

Clearwater is still doing vital work as we defend the greatest natural resource in the region, the Hudson River.


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