Streams Bill Action Alert

Expand stream protections in New York State! Request Governor Hochul sign A4601-A/S1725-A to include Class C streams under NYSDEC’s Protection of Waters Program.

Streams are the lifeblood of rivers, watersheds, and community drinking water sources across New York State. In New York State, the ‘best use’ of a stream determines its classification or level of protection. Classes range from AA and AA (drinking source water) down to Class D (fishing). 

Currently, Class C streams, which have a designated best use of fishing, fish propagation, and non-contact recreation, such as kayaking, are not protected under the New York State Department of Conservation’s Protection of Waters Program, which requires a permit for activities such as disturbing stream banks. Earlier this year, a bill to add Class C streams under the Protection of Waters Program passed the New York State Assembly and Senate and currently awaits the Governor’s signature. 

With Supreme Court cases like Sackett v. EPA (2023) — which weakened wetlands protections under the Clean Water Act, it’s even more important to do everything we can to protect our waters at a state level. Join us in standing up for stream protection – call Governor Hochul at (518) 474-8390 and ask her to sign A4601-A/S1725-A and protect Class C streams under NYSDEC’s Protection of Waters Program.