Save Our Hudson River Fish

The NY State Department of Environment Conservation (DEC) held  public hearings on Indian Point at Colonial Terrace in Cortlandt on July 20th.   NYS DEC held these hearings because Entergy is challenging the DEC’s decision to deny a Water Quality Certificate (WQC) to Indian Point, whose current once-through cooling system circulates water for cooling once through the plant, and then it discharges heated water back into the Hudson, resulting in the killing of billions of Hudson River fish, which remain in serious decline.  DEC has ordered Entergy to install closed-cycle cooling to reduce fish kill and thermal pollution, which is the best technology available to address this problem, and, as such, is required by law.

Entergy is challenging this decision and has launched a massive PR campaign to convince the public that it is unnecessary.

It’s vital that Entergy’s corporate voice does not drown out the voice of science and reason.  Please send the below letter to Administrative Law Judge Villa and cc DEC Commissioner Grannis.  We don’t need Indian Point.

We need clean, safe energy and a healthy, vibrant Hudson River.

Click here to read Clearwater’s letter to Honorable Judge Villa regarding the above denial of Entergy’s Water Quality Certification Denial