The 2021-22 Winter Overhaul Has Begun!

Last Wednesday, October 20th, Clearwater’s mast was taken out with a large crane. Every ten years the Coast Guard requires that the mast be pulled and inspected. Removing the mast will expose additional areas of the boat that are normally inaccessible. We will be able to inspect and repair planking, framing, bulwarks, and rails in this area from the stem to aft of the chain plates. This work is deep in the heart of the vessel and very necessary to ensure its long term good health.

Pulling the mast happens so rarely, it’s exciting to see, and also quite strange to see the boat out on the water without it. The Clearwater is now much harder to spot!

Soon we will be heading to Albany, where the boat will be hauled out of the water and placed on a barge that will head back down to Kingston for the remainder of this project.

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