October 2021 Clearwater Environment Action Update

WELCOME NEW BOARD MEMBERS!  We would like to Invite to join the Environmental Action Committee, which is actually a subcommittees of the standing Program Committee.  See ppt for details, current and future projects.

GREEN AMENDMENT: The Environmental Rights Amendment, or Green Amendment, is on the ballot on November 2nd for all New Yorkers. Proposition 2 will etch the words, “Each person shall have a right to clean air and water, and a healthful environment” into NY State’s Bill of Rights. Vote YES on Prop 2 to make clean air and water a constitutional right.  Video Here

STOP DANSKAMMER:  The battle to stop the proposed Danskammer expansion continues and public comment is still very much needed. Danskammer, LLC is still applying for the permitting necessary to build this expansion. Virtual hearings are done for the time being and only written comments will be accepted.  The deadline to submit a written comment to stop Danskammer is October 31st. Please submit a comment to make your voice heard! www.clearwater.org/calendar-of-events/

SOLAR MAPPING PROJECT:  While Clearwater is working hard to prevent the Danskammer fossil fuel expansion, to support a battery storage alternative, and to implement a regional renewable energy implementation plan, we are also helping local riverfront communities to address environmental and climate justice and resilience and to promote climate solutions.  This Fall we are convening a group of towns, cities and villages to participate in this project using Scenic Hudson’s Solar Mapping Toolkit   Please urge your community to map its potential solar and other renewable energy resources so we can scale up truly clean energy generation and rapidly transition to a renewable energy economy with storage and efficiency.  Contact manna@clearwater.org  for more information.

CHAMPLAIN HUDSON POWER EXPRESS:   During Climate Week on Sept. 20, Governor Hochul announced two major “Green” Energy Infrastructure Projects to power New York City with wind, solar and hydropower from upstate New York and Canada.  Flooding destroys First Nation hunting and fishing grounds and decaying vegetation releases large amounts of methylmercury into the food chain and methane into the atmosphere,  Clearwater has strong reservations about CHPE, which is being developed by Transmission Developers, Inc., backed by Blackstone, and Hydro-Québec — for many of the same reasons we opposed a massive hydro project in James Bay in the early 1990s.  We do, however, strongly support the Clean Path NY (CPNY) project, developed by Forward Power and the New York Power Authority — a 1.3-GW, 174-mile underground line that will deliver power from 20 wind and solar projects in Delaware, Schoharie and other upstate counties.

Events of Interest

5 Thursdays, Oct. 14 — Dec. 16:  Solar Mapping  Project.  Register here.

Fri., Oct 15, 1:00 pm:  Green Amendment Rally in Kingston at TR Gallo Waterfront Park

Oct. 17 — 24:  Sustainable Hudson Valley is hosting a Climate Solutions Week

Thurs., Oct. 21 at 7 p.m.  Clearwater’s contribution to this listing of climate-related events will focus on Climate Solutions and You(th), with virtual presentations and a panel discussion on climate solutions that young people can participate in, including youth activists and experts in areas of energy, community activism, electoral politics, and NY’s strong Climate Act.  

Tues., Oct. 26 at 4pm:  Stop Danskammer Action in Albany:   Costumed protest and meeting with Governor Hochul’s staff.  Join activists in Albany to tell the Governor that you oppose the proposed Danskammer fracked gas expansion. We are planning a few activities, including an engaging and vibrant art performance that requires lots of volunteers! Please RSVP HERE and let us know if you can join the crew!

Sun., Oct., 31:  Danskammer Final Written Comment Deadline

Tues., Nov. 2:  Election DayVote YES on Proposal No. 2, Environmental Rights Amendment (2021) to ensure that clean air, clean water and a healthy environment is a right for all New Yorkers.