Green Amendment to the NYS Constitution is on the Ballot!

The Environmental Rights Amendment (Green Amendment) to the New York State constitution is on the ballot. We will etch the words, “Each person shall have a right to clean air and water, and a healthful environment” into our state Bill of Rights. An environmental rights amendment would empower lawyers and lawmakers to view the health and wellbeing of our environment in a new light. Only about 26% of New Yorkers voted in the 2019 elections! We can expect similar turnout in this off-year election. 1 in 4 voters will make this decision for the rest of us. 

To secure our right to a clean environment, New Yorkers must come out to vote. To inscribe this right as a matter of law, New Yorkers must come out to vote. To protect the environment for ourselves and for all those who come after us, New Yorkers must come out to vote.

Vote YES on Prop 2 for a cleaner Hudson River!

Green Amendment Video

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