History & Specifications

Diagram Of Our Sloop


The sloop Clearwater, a replica vessel modeled after the  was launched on May 17, 1969 from Harvey Gamage Shipyard in South Bristol, Maine.Clearwater is a work boat. Sailing from town to town, she models her course after the Dutch sloops of the 18th and 19th centuries. These cargo vessels were specially designed for the variable winds, currents and depths of the Hudson.

Their cargoes and crews were the main communication link between riverfront towns and outlying areas which now house one-tenth of this nation’s population.

Clearwater, a replica of the original sloops, continues that tradition as a vital link between communities and carrying a message to the people who sail on her and see her iconic broad sails from the shore; the message is a poignant reminder of the potential beauty and wealth of our region’s much-abused and neglected waterways.

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