Clearwater Connects

Our new Clearwater Connects program brings exciting Hudson River experiences into homes, virtual meeting spaces, and distance learning communities. Clearwater Connects allows classrooms and groups to interact with Clearwater educators, explore the Sloop in new and exciting ways, and encounter the magic of the Hudson River from afar. Virtual sails and Hudson River Tideline lessons are available for students from K-12 to college and adults. Both live and pre-recorded experiences are available. From up close conversations with Hudson River fish to sailing on the sloop and enjoying music from the crew, we are so excited to be able to provide virtual river experiences for school groups and charters, no matter the age.

“Our 5th and 6th graders had an amazing time on our virtual field trip. Erik and Eli were engaging and dynamic. Asking the students what they thought was met by many reactions of “That was amazing!” and “It was so cool!” as well as a desire to know more about sturgeon and eels. We are so lucky to have access to such a wonderful program. It was a much appreciated change of pace to our online learning.”

– Amanda Ruhe, Dutchess Day School

To discuss opportunities to experience the river with us virtually or schedule a presentation, contact, 845-265-8080 x 7157

Virtual Summer Camp

With summer around the corner, we’re expanding Clearwater Connects to launch our new virtual summer camp. K-12 students will be able to join us for a week of Hudson River adventures throughout the summer. Each session will include daily live virtual activities with our educators and crew and self-guided activities to explore the magic of the Hudson River and the Sloop Clearwater. Explore history, science, and nautical topics. Campers interact with the Clearwater crew and river educators, encouraging curiosity, critical thinking, and environmental activism.

For more information, complete our summer session questionnaire and contact form by clicking here.