Our new Clearwater Connects program brings exciting Hudson River experiences into homes, virtual meeting spaces, and distance learning communities. Clearwater Connects allows classrooms and groups to interact with Clearwater educators, explore the Sloop in new and exciting ways, and encounter the magic of the Hudson River from afar! Virtual sails and Hudson River Tideline lessons are available for students from K-12 to college and adults. Both live and pre-recorded experiences are available. From up close conversations with Hudson River fish to sailing on the sloop and enjoying music from the crew, we are so excited to be able to provide virtual river experiences for school groups and charters no matter the age. Clearwater Connects programs typically incorporate a combination of live programs from the river’s shoreline and from the deck of the iconic Sloop Clearwater.

Part I: Wade into the Hudson through the Virtual Tideline

Participants join Clearwater educators on the banks of the river as we introduce the Hudson River Estuary and its physical and ecological characteristics. Through engaging demonstrations and conversation, we discuss the watershed and highlight some of the properties that make the estuary unique. During this program, we introduce participants to live fish species and discuss their life cycle, adaptations, and importance to the Hudson. Our educators share the story of the river’s revitalization, discussing historical sources of pollution, the health of the river today, and current challenges faced by the ecosystem.

Part II: Explore the River onboard the Virtual Sloop

Participants join the Captains and Crew for an adventurous experience onboard the Sloop Clearwater with further exploration of Hudson River topics. Sloop specific highlights may include sail raising, Q&A with the crew about ship life and operations, history of the river and river transportation, and an exploration of the physics of how the sails and simple machines around the vessel work. In the tradition of sails onboard Clearwater, our educators onboard typically lead participants in a brief moment of river reflection followed by a song performed by the crew.

Specialized Indigenous People’s Program:

  • This year to expand and improve program delivery of our innovative Clearwater Connects Virtual learning programs, we’re excited to now offer the Indigenous Peoples curriculum, piloted in the fall. Initially aimed at upper elementary school grades, the new fully online module deconstructs the traditional framing of this important topic, re-focusing the lens from the snapshot of European interaction with the Hudson Valley’s inhabitants to the perspective of the Indigenous population, past and present. This approach begins to put the environmental education for which Clearwater is known into the context of the first stewards of the Hudson River, and adds to it the voices of the contemporary Indigenous community and their lived experiences. The program will explore the intricacies and the intersections of language, uses of the river, politics, and current issues still facing many groups today.

Sessions are hosted and implemented by Hudson River Sloop Clearwater educators through a multimedia presentation, including;

  • Some live streaming from the deck of the Clearwater or the river’s shore
  • An explanation of an investigation into the uniqueness and similarities of Mid-Hudson Valley groups
  • A short video of interviews with indigenous community members
  • Live discussion
Inquire About Scheduling a Program Here

To discuss opportunities to experience the river with us virtually or schedule a presentation, contact cwconnects@clearwater.org, 845-265-8080 x 7107

“Our 5th and 6th graders had an amazing time on our virtual field trip. Asking the students what they thought was met by many reactions of “That was amazing!” and “It was so cool!” as well as a desire to know more about sturgeon and eels. We are so lucky to have access to such a wonderful program. It was a much appreciated change of pace to our online learning.”

Amanda Ruhe, Dutchess Day School, 5-6th Grade

“Thank you for taking the time to meet with our middle school today. We are so appreciative of what you were able to do for us. A lot of the kids after the program asked me so many questions about the vessel. It was delightful to share that experience with them. Thank you from the Doane Stuart Community.”

Adam Stewart, Doane Stuart School, 7th grade

“The students really liked it. I believe that all 38 that filled out our survey gave the program a 5. The students loved seeing the outdoors, the live fish, the tide marker, the interactiveness of the presenters, the sloop and all its parts, the singer.”

Kathleen Nolan, St. Francis College Summer Science Academy, 10th grade

“We loved our virtual field trip with the Clearwater! Through a series of field trips we got to experience the river and the boat. Both trips were filled with songs, information, beautiful sights, talented educators and fun. It added some much needed joy and excitement to our remote learning classroom, while enhancing our curriculum. Our students eagerly looked forward to each session and based on student and parent feedback it was well worth our while!”

Leah Novak, Woodstock Day School, K-1st grade

“The educators at the Clearwater are enthusiastic, personable, and willing to interact with the students and answer questions. I highly recommend this program! The Sloop Clearwater crew worked with us to find the right style and level of education for us. The pre-recorded videos were very educational and engaging, and gave the students important insight to the workings of a ship and the importance of the Hudson River.”

Danielle Salisbury, Cornell Cooperative Extension Dutchess County, 9-12th grade