Clearwater, the leading environmental education organization focused on sustainability in the Hudson Valley region, announced its historic Hudson River Sloop, Clearwater, will once again be gathering messages from members and supporters across the nation to deliver to our elected officials.

Clearwater Announces Historic ‘March For Oceans’ Sail 

Clearwater Crew delivering messages as part of Clearwater Cargo of Concern from Hudson Valley school children to Representative Sean Patrick Maloney in June 2017.

The sloop Clearwater will host a Clean Water Forum on June 9 aboard the historic tall ship on the Hudson River to deliver a message of concern from the people of the Hudson Valley for protection of our global waters during the March for the Ocean (M4O), a nation-wide organized by Blue Frontier Campaign to demand water protection. These local efforts are made possible through the continual support of Clearwater’s members, donors and partners who have helped the organization stay afloat despite the challenges of environmental and education work today.

“Pete Seeger’s legacy lives on with every letter sent and every event held by the folks at Clearwater in the name of clean water protections,” said Representative Sean Patrick Maloney in a statement Thursday. “Our waterways are all interconnected and they’re all necessary to sustain and grow healthy communities. That means we can’t go backwards when it comes to commonsense protections for our waterways – including our oceans. I want to thank the folks at Clearwater for keeping up the fight and making their voices heard through the halls of Congress and beyond.”

In 1970, founder Pete Seeger, friends, captain and crew sailed Clearwater to Washington DC to deliver the “State of the Hudson” address to congressional workers. In June 2017, following the Great Hudson River Revival music and environmental festival, Clearwater organized the Clean Water Forum in Washington, inform national leaders about the need for strong Federal regulations to protect our waters. The compelling standing-room-only congressional briefing brought together policy makers, activists, and scientists. Clearwater crew successfully hand-delivered thousands of petitions, personal messages, and municipal resolutions of support for a strong EPA and policy based upon sound-science into the hands of Congress, including Rep. Maloney.

Chief of the NYS Attorney General’s Bureau of Environmental Protection, Lemuel Srolovic, said, “There is no rational basis for these deep, broad and damaging budget cuts. Clean water is not a luxury, it is a necessity, and the EPA can help provide clean water at a shockingly affordable cost.”

Rep. Maloney, other local elected officials, scientists, and the general public will be invited to participate in the Clean Water Forum aboard the historic sloop on June 9, 2018 during the national March for the Ocean (M4O).

“This spring, we will continue to apply pressure to our local, national, and global leaders for protection of all waters” said Clearwater’s Education Director, Maija Niemisto. “The Hudson River Sloop Clearwater is the people’s boat and the voice of the people shall continue to be heard from sea to sea.”