Clearwater and the Common Core

common coreI would wager that most educators in the U.S. today have done extensive research into the implications of the Common Core, and its implications for their classrooms. The Common Core provides a set of standards that the vast majority of schools in the U.S. must implement into their curriculums. They are a guiding framework, and often teachers will bring their class onboard the sloop with worksheets aligned to the common core, asking students to complete extraneous tasks as part of the day’s program, which will provide evidence that they have been involved in learning activities that are “Common Core Aligned.”

I have been thinking a lot about how we can use the Common Core to our advantage on the boat. After reading and re-reading the Common Core, I have found, as many educators around the country have discovered, that what we already teach is currently aligned with Common Core Standards.  Here at Clearwater, we have gone through the standards and refined our own education curriculum to put together a document for teachers, administrators, and educators to show exactly which activities on the sloop Clearwater align with specific standards.

Going through our education materials and reviewing how the Common Core works gave me a pretty big moral boost; our curriculum is relevant to the school systems, and in ways that are hands-on and exciting for students. What better way to learn about fractions then to pull up a 3,000 pound sail using pulleys? Is there a more exciting way to learn the scientific method then actually doing experiments on the water that you are sailing on, or that might be raining right down on your head?

Not only is Clearwater’s curriculum Common Core-ready, it is also a great resource and supplement for teachers who need fun, engaging, and powerful educational tools and experiences for their classroom.

I encourage teachers to check out Clearwater’s Common Core document to see which activities they want to use, and how use it as a tool to help convince school system administrators to fund their field trips, and keep coming out on the river with us!

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