Pete Seeger launched the sloop Clearwater in 1969 to clean up the Hudson River. Join us as we continue the work, inspiring, educating and motivating  new generations of environmental leaders to preserve and protect our earth!

Clearwater’s longtime strategy of inspiring, educating and activating people is still a powerful formula for success. Utilizing the greatest natural resource in the region – the Hudson River – Clearwater is the grassroots model for generating change to protect our planet.

Over the years, Clearwater has been at the forefront of the environmental movement, working to pass landmark legislation such as the Clean Water Act and protecting all of us from toxic waste.

But the job of saving our earth is, in many ways, growing more urgent and complex. We strive to support growing grass-roots efforts and provide educational experiences to all people, especially youth of various ethnicities, economic and cultural backgrounds, to help new generations of strong environmental stewards. A green. sustainable future truly hangs in balance.

Our environmental education initiatives introduce thousands of school-age children and young adults to the Hudson River and its watershed each year through innovative, hands-on learning programs that provide a continuum of experiences from elementary school right through college.

Over the last nearly 50 years, our concerts, sloop education programs and environmental advocacy programs have inspired, educated and activated millions of people. The faces of Clearwater are legion: We are the 12-year-old who starts a recycling program at school, the business owner incubating green jobs, the musician singing for a cleaner river, and the parent who teaches her kids how to live in harmony with nature. We need all of them today and going forward. As our founder Pete Seeger said,  “The time is now or we will not, I fear, have a future for the human race.”

Please join us as a member of Clearwater and support our work. Or see about some of our volunteer opportunities. Host a house party to help raise awareness about Clearwater.  Best of all, come sail aboard the sloop Clearwater, where you’ll meet – and maybe become – part of the new generation of environmental leaders!