Throughout our 54-year history Clearwater has used the power of song to celebrate and defend the Hudson River. Whether we are bringing thousands of people together at riverfront festivals, opening board meetings with a song, or singing sea shanties as we haul the sloop’s sail, music is integral to Clearwater’s work, our mission, and our lives. 

While The Great Hudson River Revival will not take place this year, we still have much to celebrate despite the ongoing impact and challenges of the pandemic: the completion of the sloop’s massive winter restoration project, the 50th anniversary of the Clean Water Act (enacted with considerable help from  Clearwater and Pete Seeger), and Toshi Seeger’s 100th birthday on July 1st. Toshi Seeger started the very first Patron Fish appeal, one of her innumerable contributions to Clearwater’s health and success. We continue to bring people to the river to celebrate and learn to care for the valley’s most precious natural resource and to share in a vision of clean water and a healthy environment. 

 By becoming a Patron Fish, you are recognizing Clearwater’s unique musical roots and traditions, and supporting their ongoing integration into our education programs and activism. Your gift makes possible these programs and actions, as well as future concerts and festivals, and Clearwater’s ability to bring communities together in the name of clean water.

 To thank you for your donation we have some wonderful Clearwater-inspired gifts, including two tickets for a special Patron Fish sail on September 17th aboard the sloop Clearwater for $1,000 level gifts. This special sail includes a boxed light dinner, refreshments, and live music from Geoff Kaufman – who coordinated and performed music programs at Mystic Seaport for 35 years – and some very special guests. Don’t delay, we have a 40-passenger limit!

Donor Level Donation Amount TWO Patron Fish Sail Tickets* A Clearwater Bucket Hat Two Clearwater Coasters Online Recognition
Hogchoker $50 X
Killifish $100 X
Perch $200 X
Shad $300 X X
Striped Bass $500 X X X
Sturgeon $1000 X X X X

*Patron Fish Sail
Your $1000 donation includes two tickets to a special Patron Fish sail on the sloop Clearwater. There is a 40 passenger limit. Do not delay, this sail will sell out!

Date: Saturday, September 17, 2022

Time: 3:30pm boarding, 4:00pm departure

Return approximately 6:00pm

Location: Beacon/Newburgh Ferry Dock, Beacon, NY

Includes: Boxed light dinner and refreshments, live music

Magic provided by Mother Nature and the Hudson River

The tax-deductible amount of your donation will be decreased according to the total value of your thank you gift(s).

Patron Fish Donors

Sturgeon: $1,000

Carol Chu

Jeff Corbin & Darrel Schoeling

Jeffrey Levinton

John & Susi Manley

Henry Neale Anne and Fred Osborn III

Larry Rothbart & Laura Finkelstein

Rosemary & Alan Thomas

George Whipple III

Eric Ambro

Eleanora Kennedy

Jessica & Charles Kibel

Martina Leonard-Fossum

Joe & Kathy Plummer

Striped Bass: $500

Monte Silberger

Jams Cech

Kristin Gamble

Kenneth Panza

Shad: $300

John van Leer

Marcia Kaplan-Mann in Memory of Michael G.

Douglas Land

Dave Lebson

Doug & Diane Maass

Betsy Mickel

Steven Nissed

E. J. Szulwach

Perch: $200

Randy Correll

David Katz & Cecilia Absher

Carol & Daniel Parrish

John Seidel

Killifish: $100

Roger D`Aquino

Jeremy Rainer

Sarah Underhill

Chris & Sheila Beall

Robert Boylan

Philip & Ronni Levine

Sheila Lipshie

Ronald Liso

Bruce & Anne Macdonald

P. Jon Marsh & Carol Marsh

Sylvia Miller

Robert Nottke

Sonny Ochs

Mary Orsi

John Raugalis Kathy McLaughlin

Karen Rosenberg & Thomas Rocek

Bruce Rosenkrantz

Patrick Wadden & Marlene Marallo

Bernie Weichsel

Mary & Peter Wendt

Deborah Wood

Hogchoker: $50

Christine Dakin

Kenneth Giles

Maureen Murphy Ribeiro

Dr. Eric Skolnick

Wendy Cohen and Joe Braun

John and Jean Brigleb

David Campbell & Jo Ann Rusiecki

John Doyle

Steve Goldstein

Pam & Joe Heukerott

Valerie Raymond

Gail Nejmeh Robinson – In Memory of Al Nejmeh

Bernice Tanenbaum

Bob Walters