Clearwater’s new education staff have arrived and are hard at work preparing themselves for a busy spring season. Together with the sailing crew, our educators will spend the next few weeks catching fish, collecting zooplankton, testing the river water, and getting to know each other. Their noses will be buried deep in fresh copies of The Hudson – An Illustrated Guide to the Living River and Rise Up Singing! Each new educator and crew member undergoes a rigorous training regiment including line-handling, onboard emergency drills, rapid fire fish identification, and competitions for the most enthusiastic rendition of “The River the Flows Both Ways” by the great Rick Nestler. While knowledge their is expanding, callouses are forming, and life-long friendships are being created, these hardworking folks are preparing to lead thousand of young school kids on unforgettable environmental education voyages. We are so excited to watch this crew come together for another year of sailing on the mighty Hudson River.