July 21, 2020

The Board of Directors of Hudson River Sloop Clearwater voted on Monday to remove Greg Williams as the executive director. This action follows the ongoing inability of the executive director and senior staff to work constructively with one another due to an irreparable breakdown of vital professional relationships.

While not wishing to publicly disclose details of personnel matters, and realizing that not everyone will agree with the vote, the Board wants to assure the Clearwater community that the action was taken only after listening to input from a wide range of Clearwater members and employees and following extensive discussion and consideration.

In the weeks ahead, Steve Stanne, president of Clearwater, and Joan Gaylord, executive committee member and chair of the communications committee, will serve as interim co-executive directors. The Board anticipates receiving soon the final report of its strategic planning committee, a vision that will help guide a future search for a new executive director.

The board is committed to acting in the best interests of Clearwater. And while we do not deny the difficulties of this situation, just as our community banded together and skillfully adapted to the challenges imposed by the global pandemic, we anticipate similar resourcefulness as we work together to carry forward Pete’s vision for our organization.