Dear Friends,

Thank you for everything that you do to keep Clearwater going. Without you, our generous donors, volunteers and supporters, there would not be a Clearwater.

Sloop _Stormking_2013

The beautiful sloop Clearwater, our award-winning education programs, our grassroots outreach and our music combine to make us a unique environmental organization – working to preserve and protect the Hudson River.  And we couldn’t do this without your support.  In the upcoming era of uncertainty about the direction our nation will be taking regarding a renewable energy future, won’t you help us keep fighting for the environment by:

  • Promoting alternative energy by moving beyond fossil fuels and nuclear power
  • Keeping the river clean and clear of large tankers and crude oil barges
  • Fighting to have GE finish cleaning up PCBs

With your help, we’ll inspire our future generations to take ownership of the Hudson River and continue our work for a sustainable future.

Give a gift today.