Clearwater Exceeds Goal in Emergency Funding and Transitions into Business Model Project


June 4, 2024

BEACON, NY – Hudson River Sloop Clearwater announced a funding emergency last month after entering a short-term funding crisis, jeopardizing the organization’s continued operations. 

Over its history, Clearwater has faced periods of severe financial difficulty, most recently during the COVID-19 pandemic. In response, the organization undertook a strategic planning process in 2020, identifying the need to prioritize careful management and financial stability, and to hire an executive director with a background in financial management. In the years since under the leadership of Executive Director David Toman, Clearwater has made significant progress toward financial stability and developing reliable and diverse funding streams.

Though the organization saw a record-setting gala and increased sloop bookings, the gap between expected income and looming expenses had yet to close, and Hudson River Sloop Clearwater began a campaign to raise $250,000 to allow programs to continue uninterrupted, allowing mid-term fundraising efforts to bear fruit and a sustainable business model to be built.

Over the last four weeks, Clearwater has raised $347,000, exceeding the bridge funding goal by almost $100,000.

“Clearwater has weathered periods of financial distress in the past – what differs this time is the organization has been actively working since 2020 to change course and build the programs and funding streams needed for long-term stability.” Reflected Board President Samatha Hicks, “We are deeply grateful for the support we’ve received the last few weeks and are more determined than ever to succeed in our business modeling process.”

“The community has spoken – Clearwater must remain on the Hudson River – the generosity of our community is providing the stabilizing funds needed to allow us to begin a business model planning process to chart a new course forward to ensure Clearwater can continue sailing and stewarding an engaged intergenerational community of river advocates for decades to come” stated David Toman, Executive Director. 

Hudson River Sloop Clearwater continues to seek donors, partners, and corporations interested in establishing long-term giving relationships through mechanisms like major gifts, legacy giving, and sponsorship to enable the organization to continue protecting the Hudson River and stewarding a robust and engaged intergenerational community of river advocates.

Donations can be made through their website at, and interested parties are encouraged to contact Clearwater for more information or to get directly involved.


About Hudson River Sloop Clearwater 

In 1966, folk singer Pete Seeger and a group of activists decided to “build a boat to save the river” by bringing together communities across the region to protect and restore the Hudson River. Three years later, the sloop Clearwater set sail with a mission to save the Hudson through education, advocacy, and music, a mission Hudson River Sloop Clearwater continues to champion today. To date, more than half a million people have experienced the beauty of the Hudson River aboard Clearwater. For more information, visit