Offer Passengers an Opportunity to Sail the Hudson River aboard a Tall Ship

BEACON, NY – Clearwater invites the public to experience the beauty of the Hudson River and its shores from a new perspective aboard the sloop Clearwater, or the schooner Mystic Whaler. Passengers can meet the crew of an authentic, working tall ship and learn about the Hudson River, the estuary, and the Clearwater organization while relaxing and enjoying being out on the water in the company of family and friends.

The sloop Clearwater is a 106-foot long tall ship, a replica of the cargo sloops that traveled the Hudson River in the 18th and 19th centuries. The sloop sails from early April through the end of October, casting off from, and returning to numerous docks along the Hudson River from Albany to New York City, New York Harbor, and western Long Island Sound. The sloop Clearwater is a nationally-recognized symbol of environmental awareness and provides regionally-based, high quality, experiential education opportunities.

The schooner Mystic Whaler, a reproduction of a late 19th century coastal cargo schooner designed for the passenger trade, joins the sloop again this season, April through June, to complement Clearwater’s educational and public sail programs. Both vessels will also offer public sails at Clearwater’s Great Hudson River Revival, taking place on Saturday and Sunday, June 16 and 17 at Croton Point Park, in Westchester County, NY.


Public sailing adventures are suitable for all ages, and engage with special themes, guest speakers, and musicians. Every sail is an ecological adventure as well as a voyage of discovery, those onboard learn about the Hudson, and are invited to join in songs about sailing and environmental concerns. All sails include an opportunity to

* Learn about the Hudson River, its place in American history, biology, and environmental concerns
* Enjoy the Hudson Valley’s beautiful vistas and historic landmarks
* Join in “all hands to the halyards” to help hoist the sails
* Steer the boat with the 11-foot tiller
* Experience Clearwater’s tradition of a moment of silence and reflection
* Sing along or just enjoy music provided by the crew
* Take time to relax and enjoy being out on the water

Clearwater’s “Eco-Sails” are designed to inspire, educate, activate and promote an inclusive community environment to make a difference for the future of our environment. Clearwater delivers powerful shipboard youth and adult programs that emphasize environmental stewardship and green leadership. Passengers have an opportunity to experience the Hudson River and the estuary’s ecosystem firsthand. The sloop and its crew also model low-impact, sustainable living practices that contribute to a healthy Hudson River and a healthy planet.

The public can check to see when the sloop Clearwater or the schooner Mystic Whaler will be near their town and make their reservations to go on a Public Sail at Sails are $50 for adults; $35 for members; and $15 for children 12 years of age and younger. Clearwater members receive a special discount when booking passage. Most sails are three hours long, with 5-hour sails and extended programs also available.

To book your sail or for more information, please contact Catherine Stankowski, Sail Program Manager, at (845) 265-8080, ext.7107, or