Hudson River Sloop Clearwater has been the subject of many rumors regarding the fate of Clearwater’s annual Great Hudson River Revival in Croton Point Park, NY. This year, the sloop Clearwater is in the middle of an unprecedented US Coast Guard mandated hull restoration. The restoration, costing Clearwater $850k this winter, has placed a great financial burden on the small non-profit, despite the awarded NY State matching grant of $340k. “All of our efforts are going toward the sloop right now. We have to do everything we can to ensure that the Clearwater keeps sailing; it is the heart and soul of our organization.” says, Annie Osborn, Clearwater’s Board President.

The decision to forgo having a festival in 2016 comes with great consideration to the quality experience and expectation Clearwater festival-goers have. The cost to produce the festival has grown exponentially over the years. In lieu of a costly festival, Clearwater plans to hold music events up and down the river throughout 2016. The first event will be held on January 24th in Rosendale, featuring Guy Davis and Decora. For more information and tickets, visit:

The Great Hudson River Revival is rooted in Pete Seeger’s grassroots efforts to raise funds to build the sloop Clearwater. Now as we approach the 50th Anniversary we find ourselves repeating history, using Pete’s inspiration, and putting on smaller fundraising events to rebuild the sloop. “We started to dig into the archives to prepare for our 50th Anniversary celebration. The struggles Clearwater was facing 50 years ago to fulfill a seemingly impossible dream to build a Hudson River sloop parallel the struggles we face now in trying to keep that dream alive and care for an historic wooden ship.” says Kelley Howard, Sail Coordinator.

Clearwater looks forward to sailing again in 2016, celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the organization, a series of concert events, including a possible waterfront concert in Beacon this fall, and an incredible 2017 Great Hudson River Revival.