Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, Inc., a 501(c)3 tax exempt nonprofit, member- supported corporation, has been a pioneer of the environmental movement since 1970, and the 106’ sloop Clearwater is the Hudson River’s iconic enduring symbol of that movement. The organization’s mission is to preserve and protect the Hudson River, its tributaries and related bodies of water by providing innovative environmental education programs, advocacy, and celebrations that are designed to expand people’s experience, awareness, and stewardship of this magnificent natural resource.

The Executive Director serves as the chief executive of Clearwater and, in

partnership with the Board of Directors, assures Clearwater’s relevance to the community, it’s effectiveness in meeting its mission, and its accountability to Clearwater’s diverse constituents and donors.

The position is based at Clearwater’s main office at 724 Wolcott Avenue, Beacon, NY.

Responsibilities and Duties

 Mission and strategic planning

  • Works with the Board to uphold Clearwater’s values, mission, vision, and to determine short-and long-term strategic
  • Works with the Board to monitor and evaluate Clearwater’s relevancy to the community, its effectiveness, and its
  • Keeps the Board fully informed on the condition of the organization and on all the important factors influencing it. Identifies problems and opportunities and addresses them. Facilitates discussion, deliberation, and decision-making.

Management, governance and administration

  • As Chief Executive, demonstrates the attributes of inclusion, accessibility, and mutual respect among the entire staff; motivates and inspires by example; actively communicates and collaborates with staff and volunteers so as to nurture
  • Works with the Board President to enable the Board to fulfill its governance functions and facilitates the optimum performance by the Board, its committees and individual Board members. Frequent communication with the Board President is essential.
  • Provides general oversight of all Clearwater activities, manages day-to-day operations, and assures a smoothly functioning, efficient, team oriented organization. Assimilation of and effective management within Clearwater’s unique culture is vital.
  • In partnership with department directors, assures program quality and organizational stability through development and implementation of standards and controls, systems and procedures, and regular evaluation of effectiveness.
  • Sloop management: In cooperation with the Captains and Education Director, provides regular oversight of sloop Clearwater’s operations, with particular attention to safety, maintenance and regulatory compliance, and with general attention to the quality and cost effectiveness of the on-board education program, and other public and private usages of the
  • Great Hudson River Revival: Works closely with Revival staff and its volunteers to ensure that the annual event has maximum impact with respect to audience size, messaging and financial return on

Finance and Fundraising

  • Oversees and monitors the fiscal activities of the organization including budgeting, reporting, and audit. Maintains regular communication with Board President and the Board’s Finance Committee on matters pertaining to the fiscal solvency of the organization.
  • Working collaboratively with the Director of Development (DOD), ensures an effective, strategic, comprehensive, and vibrant fundraising
  • Maintains daily collegial interaction with DOD on fundraising priorities, initiatives, resources, strategies, and responds promptly to DOD requests for executive contact with institutional and individual gift
  • Participates actively and enthusiastically in identifying, cultivating, soliciting and thanking donor prospects as indicated by the
  • Helps guide, enable and inspire the Board, its Development Committee, and individual Board members to participate in the fundraising

Community Relations

  • Serves as chief spokesperson for Clearwater through articulate and insightful verbal and written communications and a visible presence in the community; maintains an in-depth understanding of environmental issues and advocates in support of Clearwater’s environmental action
  • Listens to members, donors, volunteers and colleagues in the environmental community to improve Clearwater’s relevance and effectiveness and to generate engagement in the organization’s


A Bachelor’s Degree is required with a minimum of 8 years’ experience in senior management positions. As chief executive officer, this individual demonstrates critical competencies in four broad categories: commitment to results, business savvy, leadership, and ability to motivate.

Commitment to results: The Executive Director is a systems thinker who is goal driven, action oriented, and innovative. S/he translates broad goals into achievable steps.  S/he anticipates and solves problems and takes advantage of opportunities, is a self-starter and team player.

Business savvy: As Clearwater’s leader, this position requires an individual with knowledge of and experience in management and administration.  Knowledge in the following areas is required: finance and personnel, oral and written communications, planning and evaluation, and governance.  Some experience in the field of philanthropy, not-for-profit management and governance and community relations is preferred.  A high level of personal skills is required to make formal, persuasive presentations to groups and to deal effectively with people. The individual must be comfortable with diversity and respectful of a wide range of faiths, beliefs and experiences.

Leadership, vision, and direction: The chief executive possesses the skills and implements the functions of a leader. S/he shares Clearwater’s values, mission and vision. S/he consistently displays integrity, models behavior, develops people, and builds teams. This individual deals effectively with demanding situations and design and implements interventions.

Motivation style: The chief executive will be a persuasive communicator who can influence others, both internally and externally. The successful candidate will exhibit a consensus-seeking, but decisive approach to problem solving that enables him or her to effectively build support for Clearwater’s mission and strategic objectives.

Salary commensurate with experience. Clearwater is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Applicants should send cover letter and résumé via email only to