BEACON, NY– Hudson River Sloop Clearwater is pleased to announce Alexander Reese as the special guest speaker at Chefs for Clearwater, Clearwater’s farm-to-table fundraising dinner on September 25th at The Culinary Institute of America.

The Chefs for Clearwater initiative is shining a light on local growers, vintners and distillers who share the Clearwater mission and Chefs approach to sustainable agriculture.

Alexander Reese is the sixth generation owner/operator of Obercreek Farm, which has served the community as a certified organic vegetable farm in Wappinger Falls since 2012. He is the current Board Chair of Glynwood, an organization that supports food and farming in the Hudson Valley. Reese is also the Board Vice-Chair of Scenic Hudson.

“The health of the Hudson River is directly dependent on how we treat the land that surrounds it. Alex’s support of Chefs for Clearwaterreflects our shared commitment to promoting sustainable land uses and protecting the Hudson’s watershed” said Dave Conover, Clearwater’s Interim Executive Director.

Alexander Reese commented, “Food and farming in the Hudson Valley are important components in the economy of our region. Food and farming are also important to the scenic beauty and quality of life in the Hudson Valley and can have a positive impact on our environment. I am privileged to support Clearwater in its important work to champion the Hudson River and educate our communities on how to maintain and improve our most important natural resources for future generations.”

Chefs for Clearwater will feature a five-course, farm-to-table menu comprised of locally grown produce from Four Winds Farm, Saunders Farms and Fishkill Farms. Each of the courses will be paired with local wine and cider. Wineries include Whitecliff Vineyard and Winery, Clinton Vineyards, Brotherhood Winery, Millbrook Winery and Eve’s Cidery. The full menu is available at

“Chefs all across the Hudson Valley region have taken the initiative to source their ingredients from sustainable farms in the region.  Here in the Hudson Valley, there’s a food movement.  Chefs are using ingredients from farms within a few miles of the restaurant; this is the ideal situation for farmers, chefs, diners and the environment” said Chef Terrance Brennan.

Chefs for Clearwater contributor Autumn Stoscheck of Eve’s Cidery commented, “The name Eve’s Cidery actually comes from a Pete Seeger song: Letter to Eve. Adam and Eve as a metaphor for how you approach solving problems in the world. Adam is a pacifist — he’s more resigned, and he says we should just play music and make the world beautiful. Eve is a freedom fighter — she says we have to create the world that we want to see. I grew up singing folk songs and Pete Seeger and his activism have always been a big inspiration to me.”

The Chefs for Clearwater are Chef Terrance Brennan of Brennan Group Hospitality, Chef Peter X. Kelly of Xaviars Restaurant Group, Chef John Lekic of Le Express Bistro, Chef Gianni Scappin of Market Street Restaurant in Rhinebeck and Cucina in Woodstock, as well as Chef Melissa Walnock of the CIA’s Apple Pie Bakery Café. The evening will include a live auction led by Kevin Doyle of Sotheby’s, live music

Tickets and sponsorship packages are available at