50th Anniversary Hudson Valley Folk Picnic

Rain or Shine
Sunday October 2, 2016 11am – 3pm
Pete and Toshi Seeger Riverfront Park, Beacon, NY
Or the Beacon Sloop Club building
VOLUNTEERS NEEDED 9AM TO 5PM work with us for an hour or two.
Remember!  Bring a chair or blanket for the after songs, food or drink to share (no alcohol), instruments, ears, voice and peace in your heart. PLEASE provide your own reusable cup, bowl, utensils, serving spoons.
The Beacon farmers market is 10am to 3 pm at the train stop by the ferry dock and in the sloop club parking lot. The picnic site is in the park to the north where the sloop club festivals are held. In heavy rain we will use the sloop club building. Dress for cool and damp.
Park in the parking areas and walk into the park.  Do not drive up to the picnic. If the parking west of the tracks fills then you park on the inland side off the RR tracks back over the bridge and come through the tunnel under the tracks.
Look for the popup with the Clearwater flag. Leave a donation for Beacon Sloop Club and/or Clearwater in the popup. Drop off your potluck to the appropriate beverage, food or dessert table.
Unprepared? Stop at the farmers market for something for the table.  For a fork, plate or cup visit the popup with the Clearwater flag.  There you may borrow what you need and later return it to the bus bin at zero waste.
Extra prepared? Label your extra unbreakable reusable cups, bowls or plates to loan out.  You can leave them at the popup. At the end of the day the unused ones will be at the popup.  The used ones will be on the empties/return table.
Before the event call or text 845-399-4630 to help with planning. On Sunday work with us for an hour or so. Come early/stay late/manage an area.
8:30 am
Volunteers needed to help set up at the picnic location.
9 am – 10 am at the sloop club
Set up crew will meet Konstantin at the Sloop Club to move tables and chairs from the sloop club to the park. Two people verify the count of chairs and tables. Vinnie is responsible. Tables and chairs are off loaded at the picnic site.
9:00am – 11am set up in the park
Sign up to spend some time helping with food area, helping at zero waste or helping in the popup.
Join hands around the potluck table for a moment of silence.
11am – 3pm
There is a nice amount of space to picnic by the river in the park.  Listen to or play music in one of the three song circles.
Join hands around the potluck table for a moment of silence.
3 – 5pm
Pick up your serving bowls, loaners. Help clean up the park and return chairs and tables to the sloop club. Two people verify the count of chairs and tables. Vinnie is responsible.
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