By Isaac Santner, Education Coordinator

Jeffsteercrewpull TOMOur onboard volunteers are one of our most important resources, and we need many more for this upcoming season. We are looking for folks to come out with on the Mystic Whaler this spring, and to start on the Clearwater later on in the year.

Every day I spend onboard the Clearwater, I am astounded by the work ethic and the determination of our volunteer crewmembers. This astonishment begins every morning, as retirees, high school students, travelers, lawyers, graphic designers, and whoever else has joined our crew for the week roll up their pant legs, and begins the process of deck wash- scrubbing saltwater deep into the wooden deck, splashing buckets carefully around the hatches.

In my time onboard, I have learned more from the Volunteers whom have dedicated themselves to our boat for a week then any teacher training, conference, workshop, or class. I have helped hundreds of volunteers find their way to the boat, and watched them really dedicate themselves to our mission and our goals.

Many of our volunteers go on to become Apprentices, Educators, and Captains of our vessel. But most of them go back to school, their career, their retirement, etc. They are able to bring our mission and our goals out into the world, and do a better job of outreach then we can do alone.

This year, we have a huge need for volunteers in the spring, summer, and fall. Please consider coming and spending a week onboard the good sloop- We need the help, and it is truly an unique and important experience.