Governor Hochul signs Save the Hudson Bill, stopping Hotec’s planned radioactive wastewater releases into the Hudson River.


Last week, on Friday, August 18, Governor Hochul signed the Save the Hudson Bill into law. Clearwater celebrates this tremendous outcome made possible by communities and organizations across the Hudson Valley uniting speak up for the Hudson River and stopping Holtec’s planned releases.

In Feburary, Holtec notified the Indian Point Decommissioning Oversight Board of their plant to release over one million gallons of radioactive wastewater into the Hudson River as soon as August of this year. Two months later, in April, Holtec moved the release date up to May 4th. Following significant outcry from Clearwater and our allies raising the alarm up and down the river in the form of municipal and county resolutions in opposition to the releases, rallies, and petitions to elected officials Holtec returned to their original proposed time frame intending to release the contaminated water in August. 

As the Hudson Valley rallied against the releases, Assemblymember Dana Levenberg and Senator Chairman Pete Harckham sponsored the Save the Hudson Bill to prevent radiological substances from being discharged into the Hudson River from a decommissioning of a nuclear power plant, which passed both houses with bipartisan support. 

Clearwater is grateful to Govenor Hochul for signing the Save the Hudson Bill, and the broad Hudson Valley community of individuals, organizations, elected officials, and advocates who worked for this outcome.

Clearwater has fought alongside communities for decades to close Indian Point, and for the creation of the Decommissioning Oversight Board, and will continue to fight for safe and thoughtful decommissioning. 

Support our ongoing efforts to protect the Hudson River.