Exhibit Table of Contents

Exhibit A                SAPA NOTICE of 1/27/2016

Exhibit B                SAPA NOTICE of 3/16/2016

Exhibit C                SAPA NOTICE (SP3) of 4/20/2016

Exhibit D                SAPA NOTICE (SP4) of 4/20/2016

Exhibit E                SAPA NOTICE of 5/25/2016

Exhibit F                Governor Cuomo Letter of 2/12/2015

Exhibit G                IAEA Technical Report

Exhibit H                EPRI Excerpt Pages

Exhibit I                 CES Cost Study Supplement Page from Record

Exhibit J                 Affidavit of Timothy Judson-NIRS dated 12/3/2018

Exhibit K                Affidavit of Gregory Williams-Clearwater dated 12/10/2018

Exhibit L                Affidavit of Michel Lee-PHASE dated 12/12/2018

Exhibit M               Affidavit of Marilyn Elie-IPSEC dated 12/13/2018

Exhibit N                Master Matter Party List

Exhibit O                Bill Jacket 1975 CH 167 Exhibit Pages

Exhibit P                Bill Jacket 1989 CH 336 pg1-7, 54

Exhibit Q                Bill Jacket 1990 Chapter 850 Exhibit pages

Exhibit R                Bill Jacket 1992 CH 331 Exhibit Pages

Exhibit S                 Redacted Affidavit of Collin Cain dated 12/12/2018 Part 1, Part 2

Exhibit T                Affidavit of Dr. Mark Cooper dated 12/11/2018 Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

Exhibit U                Declaration of Marvin Resnikoff dated 12/13/2018

Exhibit V                NYSERDA CES Financial Report 2017

Exhibit W               Exelon Press Release 8/9/2016

Exhibit X                Inside the Hardball Tactics Article from published by Syracuse.com

Exhibit Y                Does Lobbying Pay Article from Crain’s March 28, 2018