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February 2024

Reflections from COP28: Climate Change and the Importance of Regional and Local Action

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In December 2023, Clearwater Board Member and Adirondack Council’s “Forever Adirondacks” Director, Aaron Mair attended the COP28 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Dubai. While at COP28, Mair’s goal was to advance “nature-based solutions”, including the United States’ pledge to protect 30% of its wilderness ecosystems by 2030. At COP28, Indigenous leaders, frontline communities, environmental NGOs, advocates, human rights organizations, and scientists called for the UN Conference of the Parties agreement to include a time-bound commitment to phase out fossil fuels, which was not included in the Agreed Text.

View the recording of Aaron Mair and Clearwater’s Executive Director David Toman in conversation about Aaron’s reflections from COP28, and where collective efforts in the Hudson Valley should be focused moving forward. Watch on YouTube.

Take action from Aaron’s talk: Join a Growing Coalition Supporting Clean Water, Jobs & Wilderness in the Adirondacks!

Highway to the Hudson: The New York State Canal System and the Spread of Invasive Species into the Hudson River

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The New York State Canal System has long served as a thoroughfare for commerce – additionally, the canal system also is a thoroughfare for aquatic invasive species to move into new waterways – including the Hudson River watershed. During this program, aquatic ecologist Stuart Findlay explores the ecological impacts and potential solutions to the movement of aquatic invasive species through the New York State Canal System with minimal effects on commercial and recreational use. Watch on YouTube.

Take action on invasive species: Ask Governor Hochul to take action to stop invasive species from entering the Hudson River through the Erie Canal!

Who, Where, and How Much: Understanding the Hudson River PCB Fish Consumption Advisories

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Hudson River fish are contaminated with polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), chemicals that can cause health risks and humans. Despite these risks, many in the Hudson River rely on fishing as a primary or secondary source of protein, or as a means of river recreation. As a result, the New York State Department of Health maintains guidance on who, where, and how much Hudson River fish can be safely consumed.

During this program, Clearwater’s Environmental Action Director Jen Benson for an overview of the current Hudson River PCB Fish Consumption Advisories and tips for how to prepare and eat fish and crabs to minimize exposure to PCBs. Watch on YouTube.


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