Power of Song School Programs

Throughout history music has been a catalyst for change, a medium for protest, and a way to deliver a message of hope. Clearwater’s founder, Pete Seeger, has always understood this, and Clearwater is bringing this message to schools in the Hudson Valley as an interactive learning experience that exposes students to socially conscious music and empowers them to be active on issues that concern them.

For more information about the program, or to schedule a Power of Song Program, contact Eli Schloss, Eli@Clearwater.org

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1.Power of Song: Assembly Program
grades k-12
Students participate throughout this 45 minute program and are introduced to songs that teach about historic events, scientific principles, and how music can move people to take action. Featuring songs and movement exploration with a Hudson River theme accentuating its bounty, its background,  its beauty, and our intimate relationship with the natural world. Fee: $400


2. Power of Song: Full Day Workshop
grades 2-12
Students are introduced to “parodies with purpose” and song parodies through history that have taught, inspired, and motivated entire populations to action.  After an introduction to the song parody, individual classes will create their own song parodies facilitated by a Clearwater educator with a focus on an environmental issue or timely issue.  Each class will perform their song parody in a culminating assembly. Fee: $600 for a full day.


3. Power of Song: Multi-Day Workshops or Full Semester Programs
grades 4-12
Historically, songs have been a catalyst for rallying support in social and environmental movements.  Students will become acquainted with music dealing with societal issues of the day, and demonstrate how they relate to environmental justice. The students will research, write, and perform a variety of meaningful songs from a wide array of musical genres.  This presentation acts as a unifying agent between students, their environment, and the power of music. The goal is for students to be inspired by the social movements of the past and appreciate their ability to enact social change through the power of song. Fee: $1000 for a 3-day program. 


Power of Song Program NYS Learning Standards correlation:
Arts/Theater 1,2,3,4
Arts/Music 1,2,3,4
ELA 1,2,3,4
Science/Living Environment 1,3,5,6,7
Social Studies 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4