CyberCitySail_Sept2011_02_JuliaChurchClearwater is a community made up of…

…a select group of small and large corporations that share our vision and passion for the Hudson River. Corporate Members are so important to our success and provide much needed funding for our programs. They also help in other ways, such as providing materials for our vessels, from food for the crew to copper wash barrels; or other donations, such tents for our events and needed materials to support our Festival effort. Corporate Members help us keep costs down so we can deliver as many programs as possible to the community.

Won’t you join us? Corporate Membership Benefits Include:


Take up the Slack is another way that businesses can make a difference in the local community. Many schools and camps face financial barriers that stop them from giving their students experiences like sailing on Clearwater. By “taking up the slack”, you can make the dream of sailing on an historic boat, catching live fish from the Hudson River, conducting science on the water, and singing chanties with salty sailors a reality for kids in your community.

Clearwater_PepsiCo_CAC_PeekskillCreek CleanUp_Aug2011_09 IMG_3094

A Corporate Membership also offers the opportunity to develop a customized sponsorship program that meets the needs of your company.  This can include community outreach programs, on-site presence at Clearwater’s Great Hudson River Revival, educational programs, team building, corporate volunteer days, shore clean up days and more!

For more information about Corporate Membership, contact Clearwater at  845.265.8080.

Corporate Memberships may not be accepted from entities associated with tobacco, alcohol, illegal products, gambling, adult services, the arms trade broadly defined, significant environmental polluters or those who countenance environmental degradation or oppressive labor conditions. Since Clearwater programs and actions must be based upon ethical, sustainable and ecologically responsible practices, Corporate Member entities are to be held to the same standards.  Corporate Memberships must comply with Clearwater’s policies on conflict of interest, and Clearwater reserves the right to refuse or decline any Corporate Membership application at its absolute discretion.