BEACON, NY – Hudson River Sloop Clearwater was awarded a $1,962.00 grant from Community
Foundations of the Hudson Valley, Community Grant Fund – Putnam County to help purchase science
equipment for Clearwater’s Sailing Classroom. This grant makes possible the curriculum’s aim to teach young
people about the ecology of the Hudson River estuary.
"We are extremely grateful for this support from the Community Foundation of Putnam County," says Maija
Niemisto, Education Director. "Students aboard the sloop Clearwater will now have access to the equipment
needed for sampling the Hudson River water, fish, and plankton with their own hands. Clearwater’s Board
joins me in thanking the Foundation for providing young people with the tools necessary to investigate the
natural world around them on voyages of discovery aboard The Environmental Tallship of America.”
By December 31, 2018, Clearwater anticipates over 600 students in Putnam County will have utilized this
science equipment.