Honoring Pete & Toshi Seeger 

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Thank you to everyone for coming together and helping Clearwater honor Pete & Toshi. It was a wonderful celebration and continuation of their legacy. So much of what they started at Revival years ago we continue: great and diverse musical artists and storytellers, environmental education and advocacy, accessibility for disabled and ASL interpreters for the deaf and hard of hearing, wonderful activities for families on and off the River, and a place to celebrate our diversity.

Thank you, also, to our 1000+ volunteers who made it all possible!

Year round, Clearwater needs your support, now more than ever, for the important work it does for the Hudson River and its communities. You can participate as a volunteer, or join a sail, donate to Clearwater, or become a Clearwater member! (Members enjoy many benefits including 20% off Advance Tickets to Revival every year.)

Once again, thank you for an amazing Festival, and thank you for supporting Clearwater!

All proceeds go directly to support Clearwater’s environmental research, education, and advocacy efforts to help preserve and protect the Hudson River and its tributaries, as well as communities in the Hudson River Valley.