Spirit of the Hudson Gala
Our River Connects Us
March 4, 2021

Tickets & Online Auction

As a virtual reality sinks into our routines and psyche, Clearwater would like to remind our community and supporters of one of the important elements that bond us together; from north to south, east to west, between cultures and across generations, Our River Connects Us. 

On Thursday, March 4th at 6:30PM, Clearwater will host a fundraising gala honoring those water protectors who’ve had an impact on the Hudson River Valley, New York State and our planet through their advocacy efforts in 2020.

  • Join us in recognizing the achievements and environmental advocacy of Karl S. Coplan, recipient of the 2021 Spirit of the Hudson Award.
  • The Beacon Sloop Club will also be honored with the 2021 Clearwater Lifetime Contribution Award.

We are honored and most appreciative to announce that Gordon Bok, will be providing entertainment for the evening with a special video sharing song and stories with gala attendees. Attendees can look forward to enjoying content specially produced for the gala, and hearing exciting updates from members of the Clearwater staff and board. We will be hosting a virtual auction of rare Clearwater relics, and other special gifts. Expect all of this and much more, at this year’s Spirit of the Hudson Gala!

Help Clearwater continue to do what we do best; connecting communities to the Hudson River, educating, activating and celebrating.

Gala Tickets Are Available Now!

Ticket Pricing Levels:
$250: Captain’s Circle (Includes a Clearwater “Ditty Bag” filled with Hudson Valley Treasures, Admission to the live streaming event, access to the virtual auction). Also includes:
  • Acknowledgement on Clearwater.org and during the gala.
  • Discounted tickets for 2021 public sails on the sloop Clearwater.org and more!

$20: General Admission (Includes admission to the live streaming event, access to the virtual auction).

Tickets & Online Auction

Get to Know The 2021 Spirit of the Hudson Gala Honorees and Performers:

Karl S. Coplan has been a Professor and Associate Professor of Law at Pace Law School and director of Pace Environmental Litigation Clinic since 1994. As the principal outside counsel for Riverkeeper, Inc., he and the Clinic have brought numerous lawsuits enforcing the Clean Water Act and other environmental laws and participated in litigation and permitting proceedings surrounding a number of Hudson River power plants. Karl served on Clearwater’s board of directors from 1997 to 2004, sharing his knowledge of environmental law with our environmental action team. He is also an avid sailor on the Hudson and far beyond, with three transatlantic crossings to his credit. We are proud to honor Karl with Spirit of the Hudson Award.

“Serving the Hudson River with pride for 48 years” reads the masthead of January’s Broadside newsletter from the Beacon Sloop Club, and for those nearly five decades the club has been a major partner and supporter in Clearwater’s efforts to educate, advocate for, and celebrate our river.  The Strawberry, Corn, and Pumpkin Festivals are second only to the Great Hudson River Revival in bringing the Clearwater community together on the banks of the river, and the sloop club’s Woody Guthrie has taken thousands sailing for free. Most important, the club has provided a successful model for reaching out into and engaging local communities to spread Clearwater’s message and ideals. We are pleased to honor the Beacon Sloop Club with the Clearwater Lifetime Contribution Award.

Gordon Bok grew up around the boatyards of Camden, Maine, where he worked on a variety of vessels, from passenger schooners to yachts. In the process he learned songs and stories from those he worked with and made up new songs based on his experiences. That background brought Gordon to the newly launched Clearwater in 1969 as one of the few seasoned hands on the musical crew that sailed the sloop from Maine to the Hudson. While he has toured extensively in the US and internationally, and released more than thirty recordings, these days Gordon stays close to home in Maine. Thus we are honored and most appreciative that he will contribute a special video sharing song and stories with gala attendees. For more information about Gordon and his music, visit www.gordonbok.com.

Captain’s Circle Members:

David Blackburn

Neall Burger & Wes Ostertag

Stacy Charney

Meg Clark-Goldhammer

Gordon Deane

Ray Endreny

Betsy Garthwaite

Neil Gordon & Laura Weisel

Peter Guerrero

Katharine G Herman, CPA

Samantha Hicks

Jeff Jones Strategies

Marcia Kaplan-Mann

Leslie Kindling

Ginger Knickman

Beth Maher

Janine Napierkowski

Melissa Ortquist

Fred & Anne Osborn

DA Rempe and ML Wilson Fund

Daniel Riesel

Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University

Stuart & Jennifer Rosen

Lawrence Rothbart

Paul & Vera Rubeo

Steve Stanne & Cara Lee

Alan & Rosemary Thomas

Sarah Underhill

Stan Dickstein

Sean Madden

Mary Golden

John Nolon

Peter Iwanowicz

Peter & Karyl Cafiero

Betty Boomer

Jeremy Rainer

Peter Prestegaard

Paco Mazo

Mitzi & Steven Elks

Greg Williams

Arthur Jones

Peter Capek