In an effort to extend Clearwater’s impact, teachers are encouraged to look over the following chart of classroom curriculum. These resources can be used as preparation for a Sailing Classroom sail, or as a stand alone lesson for any class.  We have paired three suggested in-school activities for each sail program theme.  Choose any of the following activities or offer your students an even richer experience by inviting a Clearwater Educator to lead an in-school program!

Activity Description Classroom Materials Associated Theme Grade Level Learning Standards
 1 Estuary Essentials (Clearwater) Lesson Packet Teacher Packet Classic Clearwater Middle  School
 2 Hudson River Puzzle (Clearwater) Clearwater Educator! Classic Clearwater Middle  School
 3 From Source to Sea (Clearwater; Pictorial Tour by Poughkeepsie Journal; River Mile Map by DEC) Lesson Plan
Pictorial Tour
Student Worksheet River Mile Map
Watershed Middle School Sci 4.1.1, 6.1, 6.5, 7.1.1,2,3
 4 Watershed Demonstration (Clearwater) Clearwater Educator! Watershed Middle School
 5 Pervious and Impervious Surfaces (Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies) Lesson Plans (full unit) Watershed Middle School Sci 4.2.1r,s 4.2.2d, 6.1,2
 6 Eco-Inquiry (Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies) All Materials Challenges for Future Middle School Sci 4,6, 7
 7 Town Meeting (Clearwater) Clearwater Educator! Challenges for Future Middle School
 8 Experiencing Nature: Landscape Painting Lesson Plan  Inspirational River Middle School A/VA 1a,c,e ELA 1a,b,e     ELA 2 e,f
 9 Power of Song (Clearwater) Programs Inspirational River Middle School
 10 The Hudson River: The Legend and the Legendary Rip Van Winkle (Educational Broadcasting Corporation) Lesson PlanVideos Inspirational River Middle School
 11 Clearwater’s History (Educational Broadcasting Corporation) Lesson Plan
Video Clips: 1.An Idea was Born
2.Lay the Keel
Hudson River Sloops Middle School
 12  Power of Song (Clearwater) Programs Hudson River Sloops Middle School
 13 What Causes the Tide? (Clearwater) Lesson Packet

Teacher Packet
Hudson River Sloops Middle School
14  Power of Song (Clearwater) Programs Sailing Through Time Middle School
 15 Hudson Valley Rock Identification (Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies) Lesson Plan Sailing Through Time Middle School Sci 1, 4, 6
16 Marine Debris and Microplastics Clearwater Marine Debris Curriculum Challenges for the Future Middle School

As a member of the greater Hudson Valley environmental education community, Clearwater encourages teachers and students to learn about our friends and colleagues. Much of the classroom curriculum we are encouraging teachers to utilize, has been developed and published for public use by the Cary Institute of Environmental Studies, the New York Department of Environmental Conservation, the Hudson River Environmental Conditions Observing System and Teaching the Hudson Valley. Together we strive to teach students and citizens to understand, respect and protect the mighty Hudson River.

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