Back in the Shipyard

It’s been a long season, full of crazy weather, technical difficulties, a stream of skilled relief captains (so yours truly could run off and get married), and of course, thousands of students. And now, as winter approaches (quicker than many expected, I imagine), the crew’s attention turns from outward to inward and focuses soley on the needs of the sloop. And just like the Beatles tune, we get by with a little help from our friends…starting with our friends at Norwalk Cove Marina.

With them we have a professional yard with a quick haul and splash and a good spot on the hard to get our work done. After a great meeting and inspection with our colleagues at the Coast Guard we thankfully have a very short work list. At the top of that list are repairs to the rudder, of obvious importance to safe navigation, and a full refinishing of the hull.

After the extensive work and time out of the water last winter, the best thing to do for the old girl this year is to get her out and get her right back in with a couple of fresh coats of paint, and that is exactly what Captain Nick and the crew are about as you read this.

Scraping and sanding off old copper bottom paint and slapping on almost 2000 square feet of new environmentally responsible bottom paint from our friends at E-Paint in Falmouth, Massachusetts.

As of now, the weather reports show clear, relatively warm days, perfect weather to get the job done. If Mother Nature holds up her end of the bargain, then we ought to be ready to float again within days, be bound up the Hudson shortly thereafter, and snug at our winter home with our friends at Lynch’s Marina in Saugerties before the end of next week. Amidst the tough task of stuffing our faces with turkey will be down-rigging the sloop, building the winter shed, and setting up both the workshop and the crew’s winter home aboard the houseboat. A healthy list, but one this team will carry out efficiently and skillfully.

Be sure and stay tuned for updates on our open boat parties this winter, with live music, food and tours of the sloop and we’ll see you down on the creek.

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