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Clearwater offers a number of job opportunities. While passion for the Hudson River environment is a key requirement for getting a job with Clearwater, we look for diverse people with an outstanding track record. Employee selection is based on his/her ability to perform required tasks and the Equal Em
ployment Opportunity Act provisions. Check back with us often, as we update our Job Opportunities page regularly.
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Hudson River Sloop Clearwater seeks a qualified captain for the Clearwater sloop. During the sailing season, from early April through mid-November, the Clearwater sails from New York Harbor to Rensselaer, with a crew providing environmental education programs to school children, young people, and adults. The start date for the position is any time from December through March 2015.

Job Description


The captain of the sloop Clearwater is responsible for the safety and well-being of both the crew and passengers, and the safe and efficient operation and management of the vessel. The captain is the ultimate authority on the vessel, commanding respect and attention from all crew and passengers at all times. Clearwater tradition, seafaring tradition, and legalities dictate the extent of the captain’s command.

The 106’ Clearwater is an all-wood work boat, a replica of sloops that sailed the Hudson River in the 18th and 19th centuries. Instead of the bricks-and-produce cargo of earlier ages, Clearwater’s “cargo” is a message of care and concern for the environment, especially the Hudson River and its surrounding waterways. The captain is an ambassador of Clearwater’s environmental agend,a and acts accordingly.

Clearwater is owned by the members of the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, Inc., a nonprofit environmental education organization. The vessel follows river sailing traditions, while sharing its message ofenvironmental education and hope to all who come aboard. Clearwater crew provide a solid schedule of onboard education programs for schools, educational groups, adult programs and members.

The sloop is a Coast Guard inspected vessel. It sails from the tidewater reaches of the Hudson River, including greater New York Harbor, northern New Jersey and Long Island Sound.

Each captain works ten days on the boat, followed by five days in the Clearwater office, and five days off, before getting back on board. A captain’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

Administrative Responsibilities

– Ensuring compliance with all federal, state and local safety regulations with special regard to the USCG.
– Hiring and managing crew; sailing and maintenance crew, and apprentices.
– Bookkeeping of vessel accounts (boat books) and maintenance of budget.
– Planning and implementing maintenance work.
– Research and purchase of all maintenance supplies.
– Working with other Clearwater departments
– Maintaining a close relationship with the Sail Coordinator/Program Manager and Education Department
– Communicating with the Inspiration Department regarding grants, festivals, and special events
– Working to maintain a positive relationship between the boat, office and board.

Boat Responsibilities

– Decision-making in all aspects of operation, from fishing to reefing to scheduling, including cancellation and postponements of programs and sails.
– Training crew in all aspects of vessel operations including safety, programs, public relations, and community.
– Managing the crew in such a way as to create a strong, cohesive team.
– Working with educators to maintain a positive community on the boat for all crew, apprentices, interns, volunteers, and passengers.
– Working to maintain positive relationships with dock masters and other vessels.
– Prompt written and verbal incident reports to the Executive Director.
– Vessel maintenance.
– Maintaining clear communication with the onboard educators, and the Education Director, to ensure the highest-quality education programming.
– Hiring sailing crew and staff.


– A USCG 100 ton inland master’s license (aux. sail)
– An understanding of the Clearwater organization, mission, and membership structure.
– Experience as the captain of Clearwater, or a sailing vessel of similar size.
– Knowledge of the Hudson River and of Clearwater’s educational and volunteer programs.

This is a basic job description for the captain position. It is, by nature of the job, a partial description, as the needs of the moment often create new responsibilities and require new methods and solutions. It is understood that the captain will at all times act to maintain the safety of all on board.

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