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Clearwater offers a number of job opportunities. While passion for the Hudson River environment is a key requirement for working at Clearwater, we also strive for diversity and to hire individuals who have an outstanding track record. Employee selection is based on ability to perform required tasks and Equal Employment Opportunity Act provisions. Check back with us often, as we update our Job Opportunities page regularly.

Clearwater is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  If you are interested in volunteering with Clearwater, please visit our Volunteer Opportunities page.


Title: Vessel Captain

The Captain of the sloop Clearwater is responsible for the safety and well-being of both the crew and passengers, and the safe and efficient operation and management of the vessel. The captain is the ultimate authority on the vessel, commanding respect and attention from all crew and passengers at all times. Clearwater tradition, seafaring tradition and legalities dictate the extent of the Captain’s command.

The 106’ sloop Clearwater is an all wood work boat, a replica of sloops that sailed the Hudson River in the 18th and 19th centuries. Instead of the bricks and produce cargo of earlier ages, Clearwater’s “cargo” is a message of care and concern for the environment, especially the Hudson River and its surrounding waterways. The Captain is an ambassador of Clearwater’s environmental agenda and acts accordingly.

Clearwater is owned by the members of the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, Inc., a nonprofit environmental education organization. The vessel follows the river’s sailing traditions while sharing its message environmental education and hope to those who come aboard.  Clearwater crew provide a solid schedule of onboard education programs for schools, educational groups, adult programs and members.

Clearwater is a Coast Guard inspected vessel.  It sails from the tidewater reaches of the Hudson River, including greater New York Harbor, northern New Jersey and Long Island Sound. The sailing season runs from early April through the end of October. The captains work ten days on the boat, then work five office days, and five days off before getting back on board.

The Captain has both Administrative Responsibilities and Boat Responsibilities. These areas of responsibility overlap and are not confined to the locality of the office or the boat.

For a full job description, click here. To apply, email a resume, cover letter to


Title: Watercraft Inspection Steward
May 2016 – September 2016

Clearwater is currently recruiting two Watercraft Inspection Stewards for the spring and summer of 2016. Our Watercraft Inspection Steward Program is an education-based program designed to inform boaters and other recreational water users about aquatic invasive species (AIS) identification, negative impacts, and spread prevention through voluntary boat inspections. Stewards will be placed at the Mills Norrie State Park launch in Staatsburg, NY or the Newburgh launch in Newburgh, NY. Stewards are responsible for educating boaters about AIS, teaching clean boating practices, performing voluntary boat inspections, removing aquatic plants and animals found on boats and trailers, and more.

For a full job description, click here. To apply, email a resume, cover letter, and three references to our Invasive Species Program Coordinator at


Crew Positions
May 2016 through November 2016

Clearwater is currently accepting applications for all deck positions (1st Mate, 2nd Mate, Cook, Engineer, Bos’un, Deckhand/Educator and Trainees) for the Spring and Fall 2016 seasons. You will be working with a crew of 10-18 people (some volunteers) delivering Clearwater’s education program to 4th-12th graders as well as occasional programs for adults. Applicants with prior educational/sailing experience are preferred. Applicants should have strong communication skills, an active interest in education and an ability to work/live in a close knit community. Crew members work a 5-day-on, 2-day-off schedule.  All crew are required to pass a pre-employment drug test and background check. Compensation includes room and board.

See detailed job descriptions here: Applicants should sent their resume with a cover letter specifying which positions they’re interested in to


Winter Trainees
Monthly, October to May

The 106’-sloop Clearwater is an all-wood work boat, a replica of sloops that sailed the Hudson River in the 18th and 19th centuries. Instead of the bricks and produce cargo of earlier ages, Clearwater’s “cargo” is a message of care and concern for the environment,especially the Hudson River and its surrounding waterways. Clearwater is owned by the members of the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, Inc., a nonprofit environmental education organization.

Winter Trainees work for one-to-two months alongside the crew of the Clearwater under the direction of the maintenance coordinator in Kingston, NY. A traineeship is a great opportunity to participate in both the basic maintenance and the intense restoration of the sloop going on this winter.  Trainees will be extremely necessary for all of our typical annual maintenance (sanding, painting, cleaning, inspecting, and servicing), in addition to dismantling the interior and moving and organizing tools, lumber, and bilge weights.

While traineees will not become shipwrights, rebuilding the centerboard trunk, or building or installing frames or planks, they’ll be on hand to help with and learn about those processes. Trainees’ salary includes room, board, and $100/week.Applicants must be willing to work outside in cold weather. Experience doing maintenance projects is a plus, but will train the right person. Eagerness to learn new skills and be a part of the Clearwater community is essential.

To apply, visit:

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