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Broad Old River Resurrection Committee Reissues CD and Offers One-Of-A-Kind Prints
HRSS Reunion at Revival 2007
Hudson River Sloop Singers Reunion at Revival 2007
Photo by Rocco Rizzo
The Broad Old River Resurrection Committee is pleased to announce the 20TH ANNIVERSARY LIMITED EDITION CD release, digitized from vinyl by Spittoon Studios, Pine Bush, NY. The original album was recorded in 1986 at Clearwater’s Great Hudson River Revival at the Beach Stage and in the studio of John Guth. It was released by Clearwater in 1987. It is the 3rd collection of songs from Clearwater Hudson River Sloop Singers. The CD includes a 20 page booklet with lyrics and color photos. All proceeds from the sale of this CD benefit both Clearwater and Beacon Sloop Club to support Clearwater and Woody Guthrie, our Hudson River sloops to save the waters.
The songs are as compelling as they are catchy, made to sing along and carry a message. Listen and you may find yourself on a breezy summer night alongside the river that flows both ways as you are carried along.
In conjunction with Clearwater, this project was undertaken by Peggy Attwood, Vincent J. Cerniglia, Maryellen Healy and Pat Korn. The project’s funding comes from Friends of the Broad Old River Resurrection Committee out of pocket and pro bono, with a stipend only to John Guth for the phase 2 digital mix from his original 8-track masters.

Coming Soon
1000 digitally mixed Broad Old River CDs with photos, lyrics and bonus tracks.

Available Now
Six 16 x 20 framed, matted photographs by Econosmith. Each one signed by Toshi and Pete Seeger. $475 each. One-Of-A-Kind. To order contact Mel Healy 845-744-5483.

SOLD, Pete Seeger with his banjo, Beacon, NY March 24, 2007
Pete Seeger With His Banjo
Beacon, NY March 24, 2007

Pete at 87 years old performs to a full house, using his favorite instrument, a long neck banjo that may be the most famous instrument in folk music. On this night Pete was joined by his old friend and music legend, Richie Havens along with Sara Lee Guthrie and her husband Johnny Irion. Sara Lee is the daughter of Arlo and the grand daughter of Pete’s long time friend and fellow Almanac Singer, Woody Guthrie.
Pete Seeger singing to a full house, Beacon, NY March 24, 2007
Pete Seeger Singing to a Full House
Beacon, NY March 24, 2007

Pete Seeger at 87 years old, head thrown back, spirit undiminished, singing his heart out to a crowd that follows his every word and movement. Anyone who has ever seen Pete perform “Wimoweh” will recognize this image. Here Pete is using his guitar while his long neck banjo lies near by.
Hudson River Sloops Clearwater and Woody Guthrie, June 2006
Hudson River Sloops Clearwater and Woody Guthrie, June 2006

The majestic Hudson River Sloop Clearwater and her sister ship the Woody Guthrie at rest while the sun sets on them and the Hudson Highlands in the background. One can’t help but envy the solitary crew member, rowing into the growing darkness, silhouetted against the golden glow of the setting sun.
Hudson River Sloops Clearwater and Woody Guthrie, June 2006
Hudson River Sloop Clearwater
“Broad Old River”
Limited Edition CD Image

The historic Hudson River Sloop Clearwater at full sail during the 2006 Great Hudson River Revival. This is the original of the image that was etched onto the face of the 100 copy Limited Edition CD, which was released on the 20th Anniversary of the “Broad Old River” album. This long out of print classic collection of river songs was recorded by members of the Hudson River Sloop Singers. The Limited Edition CD was completely sold out at the 2007 Revival.
Hudson River Sloop Clearwater at Full Sail, June 2006
Hudson River Sloop Clearwater at Full Sail, June 2006

The historic Hudson River Sloop Clearwater at full sail, her flag catching the last rays of the setting sun, framed by the Hudson Highlands. Reminiscent of a scene that could have taken place a century ago, a lone person on shore shares the peaceful setting as this majestic sloop glides on the river that it takes its name from.
SOLD, Pete's Machine, Beacon, NY August 2004
Pete’s Machine
Beacon, NY August 2004

Pete had just finished singing “Vote” a new song by Spook Handy, at the Beacon Sloop Clubs Corn Festival when the rain started. Here his cherished “machine” sits on clover under a tree to protect his song board and instruments from the liquid sunshine.
About the Artists
Econosmith, the wife and husband photographic duo of Maxine Smith and John Economos, are former New Yorkers who now call Colchester, VT and Provincetown, MA home. As advocates for peace and the protection of our environment their pro bono work has been used by many organizations and causes some of which include: United for Peace and Justice, Mid Hudson Activists, Dutchess Greens and Hudson River Sloop Clearwater.
Maxine Smith combines her photographic talent with a lifelong passion for dance, music and the ocean. She forgoes the highly technical aspects of photography, freeing herself to “feel” the image she wants to create. She strives to create images that capture the passion and mood of her subjects. Her work has been exhibited, published and most recently awarded a First Place in the historic vessel category in the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum Juried Exhibit “Boats Around the World”.
John Economos is the son of two accomplished photographers, one highly technical and the other very artistic. He started creating pictures when he was seven and found that he had inherited the technical genes but lacked passion in his images. Working as a photo assistant and darkroom tech throughout his high school years did nothing to enhance his creative side and ultimately he gave up photography for over a decade until meeting Maxine. Her influence is rubbing off and his images are transforming as he seeks to find his photographic identity. His work has recently been used for the feature story in the “2007 Provincetown Pocketbook” and he was awarded First Place in the scenic category of the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum Juried Exhibit “Boats Around the World”.
Most of their work is collaborative, from the shooting to the post processing. He with his technical skills but lack of color vision, her innate sense of color and artistic vision results in lively debate of how best to present an image. The result is the best of each of their talents and images which each often claims to be their own.
They can be reached at and their work can be viewed at


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