Dear Clearwater Community,

The sloop needs you…

As we continue to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the boat’s launch in May 1969, we want to make sure the Clearwater remains a fixture on the river for the next 50 years.  To keep this beautiful wooden boat sailing, we need to tackle both regular maintenance and long-term improvements. This winter our crew has already replaced several hull planks, installed a redesigned propellor shaft, refurbished the propellor and passed our biennial Coast Guard inspection, and they’re just getting started!  Next fall we are undertaking significant hull repairs that will require hundreds of thousands of dollars.

And with your help…

We can continue to keep the sloop sailing, educating thousands of students and members of the public every year.  Your contribution, as always, will make a big difference in helping us continue this important work.

There are many ways to contribute:

I am thrilled to be the helm of this cherished organization and look forward to being here for the rest of my days as the sloop Clearwater continues to sail, reminding us all of just how important it is to continue preserving and protecting the Hudson River.

Thank you for your generous support, whether it is monetary, in-kind or volunteer, and I hope to see you at our next event!


Greg Williams, Executive Director