January 19, 2019 @ 10:00 am
National Mall between 12th and 13th St.
600 Independence Ave SW
DC 20560
Greg Williams

It’s Time to March Again!


While the Women’s March is living up to its commitment to march regardless of the shutdown, snow plus the shutdown are requiring us to adjust our plans.

We Have a New Rally Point

The march now begins and ends at Freedom Plaza, so we will meet at a nearby Au Bon Pain restaurant.

Why We Will March

The Hudson River Sloop Clearwater supports the worldwide women’s march movement.  This event has shown to be  among the greatest drivers of participation in many important issues, and in environmental justice in particular. We continue to believe that community participation, whether it is in politics, environmental conservation, or music, is what brings us together, and allows us to discover, explore, and resolve our differences.

We have chosen the Washington, D.C. organized by Women’s March, Inc. because it gives us the opportunity to participate in the formation and advocacy of national legislation in support of environmental justice. The specific legislative agenda is expected to be announced on Friday, January 18. Based on ongoing discussions with Women’s March, Inc., we expect this agenda to directly support current Clearwater environmental advocacy. We will march for this agenda on January 19, and we will work with Women’s March and other partner organizations to pursue this agenda throughout 2019.

Criticism of Women’s March, Inc.

We are aware that recently some chose to change, reduce, or cease participation with the Women’s March, Inc., due to claims of prejudice.  The Clearwater board and staff have  decided to continue to participate with this international movement.

We feel that the momentum and productivity of this event and the positive actions following it are something that we want to continue to be part of.  We  seek to contribute to the conversation that explores and resolves differences and know that those persist but it is only with constructive communication that we can move forward. In particular, we feel it is important for Clearwater to influence the Women’s March, Inc.’s agenda in support of environmental justice in the Hudson River Valley and elsewhere.

We are making this announcement ahead of this year’s January 19, 2019 march so that you, our members, have the opportunity to participate in our plans. If you have questions or suggestions please share them with your elected representatives (our board of directors) at board@clearwater.org

How You Can Participate

We encourage you to march for the causes, with the organizations and in the places you choose. A great list and map of related marches is available at the Women’s March Alliance web site.

Getting to Washington, D.C.

We are working directly with the Women’s March national organization to help arrange easy, affordable, safe transportation to and from Washington D.C.. Our efforts focus on connecting our members with buses scheduled through Rally, which can pick you up in hundreds of different places east of the Mississippi River. Better yet, they can get you there and back the same day, so you don’t have to find a place to stay!

Buses seats still available in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey include:

For a full list of Rally buses still available, go to the Rally web page for the Women’s March.

Rally buses will drop you off directly at the march assembly point, and pick you up directly at the final rally sight. There is no need for additional transportation once you reach Washington, D.C.

How to Meet Us in Washington, D.C.


We will now assemble at Freedom Plaza on Pennsylvania Ave. NW, march down Pennsylvania Avenue and back to Freedom Plaza.

We plan to meet in the Au Bon Pain on 10th St. NW, a short walk from where Rally buses will drop people off. Depending on when your bus arrives, it will park closer to or further from Freedom Plaza on Pennsylvania Avenue NW.

Click on the picture for a Google Street View of the meeting place.

For walking directions from the Rally bus drop-off, click here.

If you’d like us to look for you at the assembly point, please use this form to give us your contact information.

If You Can’t Attend in Person

We will be sharing our experience via our Facebook page and Instagram.


Extensive information is available in the Women’s March, Inc. FAQ. We will also address questions of special interest to Clearwater here.

What will the weather be like?

The current weather forecast from Weather.com is for rain and snow showers.

How do I get from the bus to the March, and back to my bus after the march?

Rally buses will drop you off directly at the march assembly point, and pick you up directly at the final rally sight. There is no need for additional transportation once you reach Washington, D.C.

How might the march be affected by the government shutdown?

The March should be unaffected, even if the shutdown continues through the March.

The Women’s March, Inc. has been told that federal employees normally working at the National Mall (the assembly point) and Constitution Gardens (the rally site) will be on-duty. The march itself is exclusively within the jurisdiction of the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police, which is unaffected by the shutdown.

Is the March accessible?

Yes, including special transportation and Spanish and ASL interpretation. Detailed information is available in the Women’s March, Inc. FAQ.

Additional Information

Women’s March, Inc. Web Site

Women’s March Network Agenda

Women’s March Alliance