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Environmental Action Update: April 2021

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Environmental Action Update: April 2021 Indian Point, Regional and National Nuclear Decommissioning Advocacy:   3/30/21 Congressional Briefing: Toward an Evidence-Based Nuclear Energy Policy:  Approximately 350 congressional staff, elected officials, agencies and citizens attended this superb briefing.  [...]

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1. DONATE: Donate to Support Clearwater’s Campaign to close Indian Point

2. Urge your NY State Legislators and Governor Cuomo to Support a Decommissioning Oversight Board (DOB): Clearwater strongly supports the passage of S.8158/A.10236, sponsored by NYS Senator Peter Harckham and Assembly Member Sandy Galef, to create a statewide oversight board to protect the financial and other interests of NY State and its ratepayers during the decommissioning of nuclear energy facilities, starting with Indian Point.

Decommissioning Oversight Board (DOB) Action Toolkit:

3. Volunteer for the Indian Point Campaign: Contact Manna Jo Greene, Environmental Action Director,, 845 265-8080, x7113 or 845-807-1270 or Matt Salton, Environmental Action Associate,, 914-844-9821


Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, Fukushima… What’s next?

WATCH: “When Nuclear Plants Close: A Regional Forum on Nuclear Waste Storage and Decommissioning.” June 9 Forum

Update on Clean Energy Standard Nuclear Subsidy and Transfer on Indian Point Decommissioning Funds from NY Power Authority to Entergy.

Nuclear Power is NOT Clean Energy and should not be included in New York’s Clean Energy Standard: Clearwater’s initial Comment and Upcoming Public Hearings on the Clean Energy Standard.

Indian Point is located 25 miles north of New York City on the Hudson River at the intersection of two earthquake faults, the Ramapo Fault and the Stamford-to-Peekskill Fault Line. Indian Point is also sited in the most populous location of any US nuclear plant, with 20 million people living or working within 50 miles of the plant, and experts say that evacuation plans are severely deficient. A catastrophic accident at Indian Point could kill tens of thousands, cause many more long-term cancers, and render NYC and much of the Hudson Valley uninhabitable. (View Map)

It’s time to close Indian Point … Relicensing it for another 20 years is playing Russian roulette with our future and the future of tens of millions of people.

Clearwater is fighting to close the aging, leaking Indian Point nuclear plant, which is reaching the end of its designed 40-year lifespan and applying to renew its license for an unthinkable 20 years. Read a Summary of Clearwater’s Environmental Justice Contention Testimony at Indian Point Relicensing Hearings in Front of Atomic Safety Licensing Board on October 23, 2012.

Indian Point Reading Room

  • Potentially Worse than Fukushima
    The meltdown of Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant was a wake-up call that we ignore at our peril. It could happen here, and if it did, the consequences would be much, much worse than they were in Japan. more…

Read Victor Gilinski’s New York Times oped “Indian Point: The Next Fukushima?”

Download the Physicians for Social Responsibility report, “Lessons from Fukushima and Chernobyl”

  • Environmental, Health, Economic Costs

Download the Natural Resources Defense Council report, “Nuclear Accident at Indian Point: Consequences and Cost”

Download the Union of Concerned Scientists study “Chernobyl on the Hudson?”

  • Elevated Cancer Rates

Health and Environmental Damage
Even without a severe accident, studies already implicate Indian Point in current, measurable health and environmental damage in our area, including increased radiation exposure, elevated cancer rates and massive fish kills. more…

Read about RPHP’s research on elevated cancer rates near Indian Point

View an RNN investigative report on thyroid cancer and Indian Point

An Unexpected Mortality Increase in the United States Follows Arrival of the Radioactive Plume from Fukushima: Is there a correlation?

  • Emergency & Evacuation Concerns – A Growing, Inescapable Threat
    Indian Point is aging, embrittled, leaking, obsolete and a growing threat to public safety. Residents could not escape a serious accident if one occurred, because the evacuation plan has been shown to be ineffective and unable to protect the public. more …

Read the Witt report on emergency preparedness at Indian Point

Indian Point Nowhere to Run, video by Tobe Carey

  • Earthquake Risk

Read the findings of Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Institute on Indian Point’s earthquake risk

Lamont Dougherty/Columbia University Study stating Indian Point is built on the worst spot for quake risk in the metro area

“Left of the Hudson: Lamont-Doherty scientist says the region is overdue for a big quake”

  • Replacing Indian Point
    Governor Cuomo has taken a strong stance on Indian Point and replacing its power with cleaner, safer alternatives. A new energy infrastructure can create more jobs for New York with safer, cleaner, reliable cost-efficient renewable energy that will put the economy, environment, health and safety of our region on a sounder, safer and more sustainable footing.

Read “The New York State Energy Solutions Road Map: Executive Summary on Demand-Side Measures for Governor Andrew Cuomo”

The Hudson Valley – a model for New York state, and the nation-Manna Jo Greene, Clearwater Environmental Action Director

Read the Synapse report, “Indian Point Energy Center Nuclear Plant Retirement Analysis; Replacement Options, Reliability Issues and Economic Effects”

Assemby Committees’ Preliminary Findings Show Indian Point Can Be Shut Down

From Shut-down to Cleanup: The Historic Vermont Yankee Decommissioning Deal, January 29, 2014

Expand Evacuation, Emergency Plans Around Indian Point, Study Urges, April 16, 2015

Nuclear Waste & Decommissioning, Forum Sunday May 3, 2015, Stony Point, NY, (video)

High-Level Radioactive Waste Management Risks: Pools & Dry Cask Storage, May 3, 2015

Radioactive and Short on Cash to Pay for Closures – Bloomberg/ 05/03/2015

Decommissioning Fact Sheet, by Bob Alpern


Watch: “Indian Point Powers Down: A Historic Day for the Hudson” (April 30, 2021)

Read statement “Citizens’ Coalition Calls for Action as NRC Rubber Stamps another Safety Assessment of Indian Point and Reduces Number of Inspectors at the Plant”

View Citizens’ Coalition NRC Report card for 2012-2013

Download an Indian Point Fact Sheet

View Clearwater’s Indian Point Campaign Documents and Filings

View the Eyewitness Fukushima:Emergency Responders Conference video ( March 5, 2012)

Download the Eyewitness Fukushima First Responders support materials packet

Read “Giving All Citizens a Voice in the Relicensing Decision”

Read “Challenging Spin, Leveling the Playing Field”

Read the investigative reporter piece “The Nuclear Industry’s Astroturf Movement in Communities of Color”

Read Clearwater’s testimony on Entergy front groups to the NRC ….. and the judge’s response

Read “Reactor Core Cooling”, David Lochbaum, Union of Concerned Scientists:

Read “A Nuclear Hail Mary – Seawater or Disaster” Roger Witherspoon interviews David Lochbaum, nuclear safety engineer, Union of Concerned Scientists, and a consultant to both industry and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission