Enjoy more of Clearwater in 2020!

Buy Boat Bucks

Dear Clearwater Members,

During the winter, beloved Sloop hibernates for the winter while undergoing all kinds of maintenance wooden boat needs. It’s also a time when our organization’s operating revenues hibernate, as we impatiently wait for the Spring sailing season, and its associated revenues, to begin anew.

If you’re willing to help us smooth out our revenues by paying now for Clearwater goods and services you expect to buy in the coming year, we’d like to reward you with a 15% premium through a program we’re calling “Bucks for the Boat”.

Simply stated, an investment in Boat Bucks will earn an immediate 15% premium. A $1,000 investment will buy $1,150 in Boat Bucks; $2000 will buy $2,300 in Boat Bucks. Your Boat Bucks can be used to pay for Clearwater event tickets, to pay for auction items, to charter the sloop, to buy tickets to public sails, or other goods and services Clearwater offers for sale. Apply the 15% premium any way you like; invite a friend to join us at the Gala or at Chefs, bid higher on that much wanted auction item, invite a friend to sail with us, or other Boat Bucks eligible items. Most importantly, as you look forward to all that we’ll be doing in 2020, you’ll be helping Clearwater by providing us with funds we can use without restriction now, when our need for revenues is greatest.

We hope that you use your Boat Bucks to enjoy more of Clearwater in 2020, but you can use them in 2021, as well. Any Boat Bucks remaining in your account on November 30, 2021, will be considered a donation to Clearwater. Please note that we track the Boat Bucks you buy each fiscal year separately. So, for example, any unspent Boat Bucks bought in last fiscal year (12/18 – 11/19) will expire on November 30, 2020. If you’d like to know how many Boat Bucks you have remaining to spend, and when they expire, please call us at 845-265-8080 and ask for Ann. She’ll give you a balance over the phone, and can send you one by e-mail or U.S. Postal Service, whichever you prefer.

To keep our accounting costs low, we’ve set the minimum purchase at $500, are selling in $250 increments above that, and are limiting participation to the first fifty purchasers. We’d appreciate receiving your Boat Bucks investment as soon as possible, but in any case, no later than January 4, 2020.

Boat Bucks are currently available online, or by calling the office and providing the same information over the phone.

Thank you.


Greg Williams
Executive Director