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The Hudson River PCB Story

Autumn 2000
Don´t be Misled by GE´s Multimillion Dollar Media Blitz

FACT: General Electric dumped approximately 1.3 million 
      pounds of hazardous PCBs into the Hudson River.

FACT: GE´s PCBs have resulted in 200 miles of the Hudson River, from Hudson Falls to New York City, being designated as a Federal toxic waste site.

FACT: GE PCBs remain in the Hudson River sediment, water and fish and are NOT going away.

FACT: PCBs are linked to cancer and a variety of other health effects. PCBs pose a significant health threat to Hudson Valley residents, particularly women of child-bearing age, children and populations of riverfront cities.

FACT: Technology is available to safely remove and dispose of the Hudson River PCBs.

After almost two decades of delay, the Environmental Protection Agency is due to propose cleanup alternatives in December 2000. Call EPA Administrator Carol Browner at (202) 260-7960. Tell her no more delays are acceptable and that the EPA needs to order an aggressive cleanup of PCBs from the Hudson River. Or write: Carol Browner U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 1101A USEPA Headquarters, Ariel Rios Building 1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20460 cc: Jeanne Fox, Administrator US EPA Region 2 290 Broadway, 26th Floor NY, NY 10007-1866 (212) 637-5000

Frequently Asked Questions about PCBs For more information, visit: This message is from Friends of a Clean Hudson -- Appalachian Mountain Club, Arbor Hill Environmental Justice Corp., Environmental Advocates, Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, New York Public Interest Research Group, Scenic Hudson, Sierra Club.

The Hudson River PCB Story

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Updated 10/3/2000