Hudson River PCBs

Status of General Electric’s PCB clean up, Summer 2013:
The second phase of the clean up is well underway in the Upper Hudson River – a process that will take another 5 or 6 years to complete. However, the clean up does not adequately address navigational dredging, which is needed to allow larger commercial vessels full use of the river. Clearwater is calling on GE to agree to work with the NYS Canal Corporation and the Federal Natural Resource Damage Trustees to be sure the Hudson River is restored to its full potential.


When Clearwater urged the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to require General Electric (GE) to clean up the contamination of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) from the Upper Hudson River, we promised those who supported the remediation that Clearwater would stay actively involved, monitor progress, and do everything in our power to assure the best possible outcome for the river and the people living in its watershed.


Clearwater has actively participated in the Community Advisory Group (CAG) on an ongoing basis and is currently utilizing a $50,000 EPA Technical Assistance Grant (TAG) to help bring good science to answer questions from community members, municipal leaders, and the media and to address important issues and concerns.

Clearwater and our partners continue to monitor the progress along with any outstanding problems in the ongoing effort to assure a world-class clean-up of Hudson River PCBs. Click here for an overview and reports from the January 16, 2013 Hudson River PCB Forum – Project Update and Looking to the Future.


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Hudson River PCB Information:
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Hudson River PCB Technical Assistance Grant (TAG) -  Information for Community Advisory Group (CAG):

Hudson River Exceedance Phase II
May 5 – November 30, 2012

Community Advisory Group Hudson River PCBs Report
March 22, 2012

Community Advisory Group Hudson River PCBs Presentation
March 22, 2012

Phase II Monitoring Report and Updates-REVISED 12.19.11
Prepared by Environmental Stewardship Concepts, LLC for Community Advisory Group Meeting
December 19, 2011

Community Advisory Group Hudson River PCBS Presentation on Phase II Monitoring 
December 8, 2011

Report to Hudson River Sloop Clearwater Regarding the Cleanup of Hudson River PCBs
October 5, 2011

PCB Surface Sediment Memo
September 21, 2011

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Joint Comments by Clearwater, NRDC, Riverkeeper and Scenic Hudson to Hudson River PCB Peer Review Panel on Phase 1 of the Remediation and EPA’s Addendum, with Recommendations for Phase 2; includes second Bohlen Report
May 17, 2010.

Joint Comments by Clearwater, NRDC, Riverkeeper and Scenic Hudson to Hudson River PCB Peer Review Panel on Phase 1 of the Remediation, with Recommendations for Phase 2; includes Bohlen Report 
April 26, 2010.

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March 2006

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